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  • thpoc thpoc Nov 19, 2004 7:17 PM Flag

    Cheers to all

    Congrats to ic4x on the dividend call. I'll stay away from that area of expertise. I did make the call the announcement date would be Friday and to buy ahead of the announcement and prior to winter. It turns out winter is coming early in Europe, which was a big reason energy prices jumped today. I also think the weak dollar will support US natural gas prices
    since a weak dollar is benefical to exports, especially in the chemical industry, so industrial use will remain strong.

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    • Brad -

      Agree that a microcap E&P is not the right risk for most to take but MSSN has some top management skill and good core assets. What I thought you would get out of the messages was that you are not alone investing in a China E&P:

      "Warren Buffett rarely invests in foreign stocks, let alone state-controlled ones. True, he has large stakes in huge overseas earners like American Express, Gillette and Coca Cola. Now, however, with China-friendly policies set to continue, Berkshire Hathaway has put $31 million into PetroChina (PTR, Trade).

      With China consuming ever more oil to fuel its rapid industrialization, it risks developing an ever-greater dependency on foreign suppliers. That's anathema to the security-obsessed Chinese. The answer? Build your own international oil company to rival the likes of Exxon-Mobil, Shell and British Petroleum."

      There are more choices than CEO.


    • Bigpig--- I have looked at MSSN but prefer CEO as it has the Chinese oil denand built in as well as it proximity to its market. It also has the umbrella of the Chinese Government to insolate it from any upheavals such as might be experienced in the Islamic world.

    • We can get back to talking about
      Positives & Negatives on SJT.

      Did you see that Frank Quattrone
      just got banned for Life in Banking
      Industry by NASDQ for refusing to testify on Trading Practices on Issue of giving Rights
      to buy New IPO Shares of New Companies?

      He also is going to Jail for Obstruction
      of Justice for suggesting to his Co-Workers
      to destroy E-Mails when Federal Probe into
      Trading Practices had been already announced
      weeks earlier.

      Now back to SJT!

    • Brad -

      See Msg. #'s 10190 &10191 on MSSN's MB.

      If you like China you will like Yemen. Looks like TGA is popping on a rumor.

    • My intention was to convey the point that there are other investments out there that are good alternatives to roll into from energy, such as SJT. I threw out a random basket of names, including C. Someone picked out C and started in on the ethics issue.

      My reply that included "ethics aside" was simply an attempt to try to get back to the original discussion and question posed to me of "where would you put your money besides SJT"?

      C was just an example of a good LCV dividend stock, and was not meant to inspire a debate on ethics.

    • Toro,

      Sorry about what happened.
      I am not a Lawyer nor
      did I represent anybody.
      I avoid Lawyers at all Costs.
      Only time I have use one
      was for Estate Planning.

      I did hear that People
      who had Losses from Worldcom
      can contact "Smith Barney Fraud
      Lawyer Network". Go to their Web

      They might be representing
      Thousands of Shareholders
      who were possibly lied to by
      Stock Analysts working for
      Smith Barney which is owned
      by CitiGroup.

      Good Luck!

    • Sorry to hear about your WCOM losses.

      Difficult ethics issues are presented by conflicts of interest. On the other hand, where interests are aligned ethical problems are less troublesome.

      Alignment of interests could have an impact in the way BROG plans for activity on underlying properties.

      SJT 46,608,796 Units of beneficial interest

      PBT 46,608,796 Units of Beneficial Interest
      27,577,741 Units (59.17%) owned by BROG

      Not saying it affects anyone's thinking. But it could.

    • Gunga:

      Resent your comment "Ethics aside". That is what is wrong with corporate America is that people such as you see nothing wrong with ethics & integrity. Anything goes if you make money??

      Yes, I am a little bitter as I owned WCOM which went broke last year ---- as a direct result of management ethics (type which I do not tend to condone).


    • fortuit--- Suggest you try: -- Call up CEO and when it comes up go down the left hand side of the page and you can check out the various pertinent headings that you want to get a rundown on. I might suggest that you add this website as one of you favorites. Also when you first call up the screen on CEO, you will see recent headlines beneath the days activuty.

    • thanks Brad, I tried yhoo fiance but profile was not an option there, I notice however that REUTERS bridge channel is EXCELLENT with important news.

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