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  • nomowk nomowk Oct 13, 2000 7:17 AM Flag

    wall street journal article

    Excellant post zorro. I am glad you had the
    monthly production numbers handy. I have them someplace
    but my file cabinet (the floor) is overflowing with
    other junk right now. I did look quickly at the numbers
    and came up with a 7.5% peak to peak deviation after
    throwing out the highest and lowest months. So as I said
    in my last post, I don't think a 6% drop for a month
    is anything to worry about unless it continues for
    several months. I posted a while back that I thought the
    reserve life was closer to 20 years and went back and
    started looking at it. I think based on the numbers I see
    you are closer at 8-10 years. Of coarse, that is
    based on lower prices last year. As you may be aware,
    reserve life goes out further with price increases, as
    marginal producers can stay on line longer. Also, new
    drilling can increase field life. So all in all, I think
    the article was just a space filler for them. I will
    continue to watch.

    Good luck to you.

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