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    What gives??

    WAB should keep the good news to

    Every time good news is publicized, the stock

    Market is up over 1% today. WAB announces record quarter
    and stock drops almost 6%.

    When a law suit
    against WAB was publicized a month ago the stock went

    What gives??

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    • These charges will be large enough to ensure a very good year in 2000. Everybody does it, from Disney to Tyco. I would not worry about earnings disappointments for the next year or two.

    • Our FRB chairman is turning into a meddling,
      self-appointed stock market policeman. He has now raised the
      cost of money more than 15% this year, supposedly to
      keep in check 2% inflation in the cost of everything
      else. Heard from the boardroom: "Any signs of rising
      inflation? Not really... Productivity up? Strongly up.
      Market up? Sharply, sir. Raise 'em again."

    • <EOM>

    • GE's chairman, Jack Welch, has stated GE is
      committed to the rail business and the rail aftermarket.
      WAB/MPO would make a very nice aquisition. The lack of
      liquidity in the stock make it very hard for shareholders
      to profit from the good performance these two
      companies have delivered. GE has a highly inflated currency
      (it's own stock), hopefully WAB'S management will
      position the new company to be sold. An aquisition by GE
      would be a win/win. WAB shareholders would win and GE
      shareholders would be aquiring a company with some real
      operating earnings.

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    • WAB management has done a very classy thing in
      buying both WAB and MPO shares for their own personal
      If they have faith in a WAB/MPO combination, I do
      Some of the thinking on this board is so short-term,
      it's ridiculous. Please take an unemotional look at
      the benefits for the long-term that the merger can
      bring instead of worrying about a couple of bucks in
      coversion ratios.
      You never get to the top thinking

    • With WABCO currently down to 16-5/8 and MPO at
      10-13/16, the price ratio is now .65. The arbiters' short
      sales of WAB has locked in a heavy demand, and it will
      be triggered when the stockholders reject this deal.
      Just watch them lose their lousy shirts scrambling to
      cover at 20 when it happens - sweet justice.

    • NO! MPO reported 19 cents for the 3rd qtr and
      does NOT and will not have sufficient earnings to be
      worth .66 shares of WABCO. $1.12 is now optimistic for
      their year, and next year stands to be tougher yet.
      Twice now MPO deals have been structured that clearly
      are NOT FAIR to WAB stockholders. We've grossly
      overpaid for enough companies, and MPO has dragged us down
      long enough! Let them sink on their own.

    • The low P/E's are general throughout the
      industrial/manufacturing sector. I can cite many P/E's of good companies
      now below 8 -- including USG,ACK,CDD,PCP,ST,BELFA.
      They are bargains, especially in December when the
      tax-selling is over. The WAB/MPO combination will get us a
      better stock price if we are just a little patient

    • For the 13th consecutive quarter, WAB posts a
      solid year-to-year earnings increase, yet again beating
      street consensus, and the price naturally drops. I guess
      it is so consistent that it's taken for granted, but
      what would happen to this company's stock if, God
      forbid, they ever miss one? I guess MPO is one example.
      WABCO's performance is relentlessly excellent, the future
      is bright, and the stockholders are rewarded with a
      P/E of just over 7? Why bother?

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