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  • bbad1 Jul 17, 2013 3:46 PM Flag


    At least we know why CEO and CFO sold so many of their shares a few months ago. Of course, they get them free anyway and the shareholders get the shaft as usual. My blind crippled dog could have done a better job running this company the last couple of years. And we could have just thrown him a bone instead of millions of dollars and way too many free stock shares. Another company with the board of directors asleep at the switch. Got to love corporate America...

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    • I don't know why you say the company is badly run. They seem to be doing a good job designing their products. They got screwed because Samsung couldn't get their chip working with the necessary features. There was nothing wrong with SIMO's chip. Their memory controller business is doing very well.

      Well, unfortunately these are some of the risks we take when investing in a small company. They are too dependent on forces they cannot control. But at least now we get a dividend while we wait for samsung to get their &%^$ together.

    • Where's your proof that the CEO and CFO sold any shares a few months ago? Corporate America? SIMO is headquartered in Taiwan with almost 100% Taiwanese management. The main thing that is American about SIMO is that the shares trade on US markets. The operations (and most customers) are in Taiwan and Korea.

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