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  • aklover99 aklover99 Apr 9, 2010 9:20 AM Flag

    GCI plans to unseat ACS as No. 2 Alaska wireless provider in 2010

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    • marcarcal Apr 26, 2010 2:30 PM Flag

      This puppy is moving up very nicely in the past couple of weeks,someone know something about earnings being positive?
      this stock should be selling above $10.00(mvoho)

    • ACS and GCI are fighting over a wireless market that has little growth and the gorilla in the room is AT&T.
      The wireless market is niche for both companies and I see little reason to own either a these prices.

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      • Not really. The wireless market is what ACS put all their hopes, dreams, and money into because their landline business (like all) has gone to shit. It's hardly a niche market for ACS it is their bread and butter.

        Because they are losing out on the wireless market they decided to jump into the enterprise market and have been failing miserably. I know your just some penny stock trader wannabe in his mom's basement somewhere in the lower 48 but I live here and am have a lot of interaction with the enterprise market. People have been resigning multi-year contracts left and right with GCI and AT&T even though ACS has been trying so hard. They are quite simply failing in the enterprise market. All they have done is brought price compression to the market and they are hurting GCI's and AT&T's margins because both have had to come down on pricing but they are both keeping practically all of their enterprise customers and both (mainly GCI) are still taking more and more market share from ACS.

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