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  • dbehr25 dbehr25 May 14, 2012 1:43 PM Flag

    Big Opportunity to Average Down

    If you don't think this company is going to be acquired, then you don't understand the telecom business. First and foremost, it is a scale business, period. Why would Verizon build a duplicate high speed wireless network when Alaska Communications already has the same thing?

    Mark my words, Alaska Communications will be bought by year-end. Their operating results are stabilizing and Management has a very good business plan in place.

    The only reason this stock is taking a beating is because of the substantial short position.

    The shorts don't belong in the stock market...they belong in the casino!

    Looking forward to seeing what my buyout premium will be :)

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    • i hope your right.i just want to know the games played somewhat fairly. i like this company. i like to think what time i invested in it is going to pay off

    • If I were you I would wait before buying any more of this stock.
      I think it isn't finished heading down and I think it won't just stop at $2.00
      I think that was is going on now is this: the company is broken and will not be able in the future to even service it's debt or pay a dividend.
      No one is going to buy it's cost per subscriber costs.
      So The true value of this company isn't more than 70 million.
      They need to fire the board the CEO and get a new team in there or else it will cease to exist as a company.

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      • A bit early to sound the death knell to ALSK. They have an enterprise value of nearly 700 million. They have steady revenue stream and dependable cash flow. There does appear to be a lot of naked shorting which is totally illegal but happens none the less and allows good companies to be manipulated.
        However, the shorts have to cover and many may bet stuck.
        I feel sure dividend is secure at this level and they will be paying debt down faster. Plus, I believe they will be a takeover target.

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