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  • songsuckdick songsuckdick Oct 19, 2001 8:16 PM Flag

    Re: Dirty Soong son has special treatme

    What the deal ?? Why call Song dirty ?? He did not not do anything that high level KMT officers did not. He is Mr. clean compared to all KMT officers.

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    • what a beautiful palace the old mad dog have.
      dead_wen_lon love to pay the tab.very good.

      for the last 12 year kmt stole so much money from dead_wen,dirty lee and dirty soong split the loot.

      last year dirty soong still got 38% of the vote
      what's wrong with those dead_wen_lon.ask songdicksucker he may tell you the why.

      and people now still called mad dog "father of taiwan".may be deadly_sick_man can explain to you why.

      dirty abain pick big mouth for his right hand women,and 'shot_may_gen" as his left hand women.he even got 39% of the vote.
      he said his arm was damage by a accident 12 years ago(by kmt spy),but he can carry his wife with that arm to walk 10 min.what a bullshit.dead_wen_lon still call him "son of taiwan" and big mouth "doughter of taiwan"
      i'll call koushit city mayor "shit che le"-
      "god of taiwan"

      i love those dead_wen_lon,i can't wait to see the next's going to be a big show.
      mad dog bite mad dog.
      dpp go go. dead_lain go go. gen_gou_dong go go.

      • 1 Reply to atan0748
      • Ask. You CCPbuttkisser got it wrong. First of all, Song got 37% vote. Why people still vote for him ?? Easy. He got all the Chinese vote (that is 15%). Chinees will vote for him vven he got caught murdering his own mother. You have 22% Taiwanese either felt that Song may not be a saint but he is smart and he is Mr. Clean compared to your oldman, Mr. 10%.

        Why people call Lee father of Taiwan ? Easy. He liofted Martial law and he his the first Taiwan president elected with 54% popular vote. He is the one that that Taiwanese for the first time in the last 56 years can sleep in the night without fearing knock on the door. He is the one why you CCPbuttlicker can openly trash a president without any fear of consequence.

        Which you CCPbuttlicker dare to say anything about CKS or his boy when they are alive ??

        Song helped Lee to kick all the KMT dirty scoundrel out of power. He fixed Lien real good. Lee took the feat personal and now he working with Lien to put up this show trying to win back the 15% Chinese vote.

        You dump ass is dancing to their tune and attack Clean Song. Look at your oldman. How can you call Song dirty ??

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