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  • songsuckdick songsuckdick Feb 19, 2002 8:56 PM Flag

    Who won ?

    Mar-Ing-Chiu falled on his face !!! He is out of the presidential race. Who get the credict ? Song or Lan ?? Lan works with Song to get ride one of the potenial cthreat ?? Now who is the next ? Song or Lan ? Watch how PFP help DDP pass the political party property law.

    Don't forget where you read this prediction first.

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    • >> no time no see
      Your business must be doing great since you are so busy. Do you still work in the dark?

      >> I don't know what hanjane plan to do but I will tell you what I am going to do.
      Whatever you did, do or will do with hanjane in the dark, well, please spare us.

      >> I am going to be a county commissioner somewhere in China as CKS promised [me].
      When are you going to learn? First you were deceived by Soong, and now you are deceived by CKS. BTW, is Soong your first or last name?

      >> I [have] been [waiting] very patiently and I still [have] faith.
      You won?t happen to be Ann Lu?

      >> CKS and his boy will never lie.
      I really do not know. Go ask him yourself.

    • how is your chinese new year?
      a couple weeks ago,i drove 4 hours with my mother-in-law,my wife to flushing n.y.
      we join the parade to celebrate the chinese new year.there is a lot fun.i am so suprise that there are all kind of chinese in flushing
      we are in a taiwanese group even there are five
      dead_wen_lon in this group.
      you know what.i saw hanjebar,he was there too.
      he hold a green hanje flag in his left hand,his right hand hold a
      flag with chinese (ming-gin_dong) and a stupid
      aban's picture on it.
      he even wore a green hat in chinese new year.
      i ask my mother-in-law, is this dead_wen_lon custom
      to wear green hat in chinese new year.
      she said she can't recall anything like this.
      but jabenese did all like that.
      it's really a nice experience,i'll go next year.

      songdicksucker,gon he,gon he long time no see.
      you don't know what hanjebar's plan.
      give a f*ing break,will you?
      he is a dpp "dong_gon" he have enough money to make a living. and i don't worry about you too.
      you will be the #1 teacher of lee_den_whi's school in koushit city.
      you will make nt228,000 a month.

    • I don't know what Harnjee plan to do but I will tell you what I am going to do. I am going to be a county commisioner somewhere in China as your CKS promised us. We are going to take China back and every high school graduate will be made county commisioner. China is so big so there is enough position to go around.

      I has been wiating very patiently and I still has faith. Your hero CKS and his boy will never lie. Right ?


      Wha-Gone Commie, Do you know what is people's will ?? I guess you Chinese communist will never understand why politician has to worry about what little people want.


      • 1 Reply to songsuckdick
      • >>I guess you dead_lain will never understand why politician has to worry about what little people want.

        you got right this time.
        aban,dirty lee and songdicksucker loss again.
        pm you_shit_queen fighter just like aban who love to fight little people.
        since aban hand pick you_shit_queen,taiwan's
        stock drop 10%. and people fight each other.
        i love this,let people keep on fighting each other.sucker keep on suck_song's_dick.


      Well ?!

      Wowgoner and Ataan : You two idiots save your breath. What was analyzed in that article is well beyond your sigle digit IQ.

    • aban won,people in taiwan can't never win.
      aban is out of the picture of next presdient race.

      there are only four people will win next term.

      2.kou_shit city mayor a_shit.
      3.goulanden's no asshole son 'gouass".
      4.goulanden's 200k wife "gouneinei".

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