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  • songsuckdick songsuckdick Aug 26, 2002 9:23 PM Flag

    Be ware of Lan Chan Mo-Lan_Par, McBabe.

    Lan Chan gave the impression that he is going to side with Song and Pan Blue will go with Chang Pao-Yar as Song wanted. Well, he is plaing dirty. He first nominated Haung and then, with a wink, encouraged the Taiwanees fraction within KMT to voice their strong opposition to this move. Lan Chan then pretent that he is doing all he can to overcome the opposition. Guess what happen ?? Song and Chan Pao-Yar will eventually get her wish but they will certainly offend many within the KMT and PFP. She will need to spend her own money to buy votes. KMT will allow, if not encourage, its base to make a small fortune when buying votes on Chang's behave. One penny spend means one less penny for Song in 2004. KMT will even work behind the scene to help DDP to defeat Chang to hurt Song. Well, Song is no dummy. PFP will do their part to hurt Ma in Taipei.

    This Pan Blue aliance is nothing but a stabing freinds in the back show. Wait for the figer pointing game to begin.

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    • The pan-blue camp seems to be in a disarray because they don't have a strong contender against the incumbent; the matter was made worse because of the belated entry of Chang Po-ya, in the race, who is seeking their support.

      Lien Chan is actually caught between a rock and a hard place. Since he already has a candidate picked out, abandoning him now would make him look like Song is Lien's boss, not to mention what that would do to the morale within the KMT.

      I don't think Song really thinks that highly of Chang Po-ya. Wasn't she one of those Abian's cabinet members that the pan-blue camp was critical of? Wasn't that the reason she only lasted a little over a year? And when Abian tried to "retire" her to the Control Yuan, the opposition politicians were also against her?

      Song's support of Chang marked his first move toward 2004 presidential election, because he covets her grass root political treasure chest. Note that her power base is not Kaohsiung, it is somewhere else. She will be viewed as an outsider in a desperate attempt to salvage her political career, not with the welfare of the Kaohsiung citizens in mind.

      I would not support anyone who has wishy-washy political stand as hers. But if she is successful, it would be interesting to watch her and Annette Lu(Alien) going head to head against each other in the 2004 presidential election. Weren't they fellow cabinet members just a few months ago?

      If I were her, I would retire gracefully from politics and devote myself to charities, instead of making a fool of myself.

      So there you have it, you predicted that Chang Po-ya will be the next mayor of Kaohsiung; I predict that if the economies and unemployment rate there do not get too bad, Frank Shieh will still be the mayor.

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