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  • dsp_man dsp_man Oct 17, 2002 9:39 PM Flag

    Re: Mainalnder ask the solder's mom to-

    Stop spreading mis-information. His mom committed suicide on her own.

    Too bad the soldier(and his wife and son) will have to squat and shit for the rest of their pathetic life, since there isn't any sitting toilet in Chinks land.

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    • Are you Mcmen's gay boy friend? Do you live together with McMen? You seem to know him very well.

    • McMem,

      You are either stupid or have too much time in your hands. If you were the real inventor of your so called "MEM" device you wouldn't waste your time in this board. If you were the real inventor of 'MEM' devices you would already be wealthy from collecting royalty, instead of wasting your time in this TSMC board.

      Please get a life and stop pretending to be someone you aren't.

    • Asshore,

      Your comments were very offense and you implied whites are all racist. I must remind you not all Americans are as racist as you and your China buddies, so please keep your bigotry to yourselves.

      I have more Caucasian friends than Taiwanese friends and they will disagree with your opinion.

      >>Bet your white neighbors wouldn't want to touch you even with a 30-feet pole.

    • but you don't have it.

    • You were the one who popularized the names "small-eye-monkey-face","green-skinned", "short-legged" and who sworn to turn the barrel of your gun against every Taiwanese when the war breaks out someday---wowgoner included?

      You pretend to be a purebred Chinese. There is no such thing. Thanks to the Mongols and the Manchurians and who knows what, you have been amalgamated---your "long legs" & "round eyes" and what have you can attest to that.

      You struck me as a racist who frequently exploits the so called "inferior race's" sentiment as occasion demands it. Wowgoner is a case in point.

      Fabricating things and twisting things around? I am afraid we are NOT as good as you are. Your people should be recognized as the premier disinformation artists.

      Is it in your genes?--- Elmer Feng, Chin Hui-tsu,... and recently, your star legislator, Diane Lee, bared her fangs finally at her moment of weakness.

    • give this poor solder a break.
      compare this poor guy with your 1% chink and 99% mixed blood dead_wen_lon,he is ok.
      when you 'wen-an' mother and mothers happily
      serve jaben solder,did your dead_wen_lon compilan?
      when your father and fathers serve the jaben as a cooker ,and at any minute he will get kick from jaben ,did they dare to say "ba-gu-ya-lu"
      we taiwannese never pick on them .
      dead_wen_lon are a bunch of strange people or shit person .ddp are all the same.
      old dirty dog is the #1
      his shorty son-aban is the #2
      dsp,sucker,hanjebar are the shit of shits.
      i belive you three are 1. wear a pare glasses
      2.shoty(5.6) 3 .can't speak good english and mandrain

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