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  • imtwnz imtwnz Nov 16, 2002 4:35 PM Flag

    PROC/ROC =6.8X

    The head-hunters are Tsou(note: this is not the same as all Tsou are head-hunters). Someone on this board mentioned not long ago there are still head-hunters in the jungle of somewhere(Malaysia?). I wonder if the Tsou in Taiwan are immigrants of those Malaysian(?) head-hunters.
    There are many many different kinds of "original" inhabitants in Taiwan. They don't all have the same general features, some are very good-looking---Miss or Mr. World caliber, but some look like "wild-man(woman)" of pre-dawn civilization still with scary tatoos that cover their entire faces.
    You are NOT the spokesperson for all of the "original inhabitants". You have been giving them bad images on this board. Remember I was on your side when I first came on this board. Then your constant attacks on me as a "fake" Taiwanese just turned me against you. The Dutch imported the "fake" Taiwanse to Taiwan. Whenever you attack the "fake" Taiwanese, don't forget to attack the Dutch too.
    When Lee Teng-hui first retired, he tried to devote his remaining life for the aborigines. But the troubles coming from the pan-blue camps caused him to go back to politics. For whatever reasons you despised him, he is still my hero.

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