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  • ischen555 ischen555 Mar 25, 2004 2:25 AM Flag

    One person ! One letter to Senator !

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    The government in Taiwan, Mr. Chen, manipulated the voting process, and staged a fake assassination drama to gain sympathy votes. We questioned Mr. Chen��s honesty and integrity, and we challenge the presidential poll result on March 20.

    On March 27, we will be joining the rally in front of the presidential office in Taipei.

    You are the role model of the democratic world. We urge that you express your concern about this unfair election, and support our effort in pursuing justice and true democracy in Taiwan.

    Thank you.



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    • He may think that home is safe.
      However, his presidential PROFESSIONAL body guards should have prevented him from doing so.

      These are professionals. They have been trained by the FBI, the CIA. They suppose to know what they are doing.

      So, either they are so INCOMPETENT beyond our imagination or there are some other factors involved.

      None of the above two speak well for Taiwan - IMO>

    • Hi, lau wang, you don*t understand the political culture in Taiwan.

    • <<He is the President of the country. How could he put himself at such a risk riding on a convertable with the vice-president.>>

      I agree with you on this point.

      Unfortunately, he considered that trip as going back home without thinking that the safest place is sometimes the most dangerous place.

      I don't think he faked it. Others, who may like him or hate him or simply just want to win a gamble, might have done such a thing.

      A-bian is a victim, imo.

    • Like I said, unless the home-made gun has laser-guidnece system, the accuracy is nothing short of a miracle - one bullet hit the president, one hit the vice-president, no one else.

      Abien choose to use non-standard civilian SUV and civilian driver only add to the suspicion.

      He is the President of the country. How could he put himself at such a risk riding on a convertable with the vice-president.

      Are the presidential seurity detail so incompetent???? If so, you should be ashamed. How do you expect them to fight the communists???

    • Dear Mommy and Daddy Senators:

      A-Bian got a shot and I didn't... No fair!

      I want recount.

      No, I don't want recount.

      Yes, I want recount immediately.

      No, I don't want recount.

      Yes, I will take responsibility of losing the election.

      No, the election is not finished yet.

      Yes, Riots, get mad and the angrier the better!

      No, I have lost control of the riots.

      Yes, I want my Presidency.

      No, A-Bian stole my Presidency.

      Yes, No...

      Lien: My Boss, Soooong, What should I do next?

      Soooong: Don't change your diaper if they don't give you the candy you ask for.

      Lien: Yes, march forward.

      Soooong: I will hide behind you.

      Lien: I am your slave.

      Lien and Soooong: We want to play the presidential election again within 48 hours! We have lost only twice!

      Very arrogantly crying out loud,

      Blue Jerks (signed)

      • 1 Reply to lau_wang
      • Good! Totally agree! Send letters to the senators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        DPP's dirty plots:

        1. Stir the racial hatred and conflicts in order to gain power.
        2. Fake a laughable assassination.
        3. Stop 200,000 soldiers from going to vote, based on the reason that the president was being assassinated and they should stay on duty for alert, while majority of those soldiers would have voted for the Blue team.
        4. Cook the ballots, especially in the South.
        5. And others -- go figure yourself.

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