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  • McMEM McMEM Sep 15, 2004 3:20 PM Flag

    Changing for Better !

    >>"1. Are the average ROC citizens financially better today than 16 years ago? " - Taiwanese people used their votes to tell you what's their preferred choices in the past may years.

    ROC citizens can only choose between 2 evils. If we vote for Bush over Kerry, does that imply Americans are better off under Jr. vs. Reagan? You need to provide hard data that ROC citizens earn $X under Rabbit, and $Y under Moss and $Z under Jr., and X > Y > Z. Unfortunately, the order reverses.

    >>" 2. Are the ROC officials more or less "corrupted and incompetent" than 16 years ago? " - Of course they are much less corrupted than before. The reason why you heard more now is because now it's more transperent & democratic. People have the right to report and criticize.

    Again, you failed to provide any data to prove the point. Do ROC citizens have more data or the system is more transparent etc. For example, how many K7 was prosecuted by Rabbit?

    >>3. Do the average ROC citizens have more or less freedom of information today than 16 years ago? - Just look at how many newspapers/publishers, political parties, groups etc.

    Are there more newspapers/publishers, political parties, groups today vs. 16 years ago? What can the average citizens do today that they could not do 16 years ago? Can they openly critize Rabbit without worry about losing their jobs, if any?

    Oh, don't forget to scream that whoever critize Rabbit is a commie.

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