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  • com20002005 com20002005 Apr 22, 2005 10:48 PM Flag

    It's nice to see Japan Apologize!

    There is always something people can learn- Good or Bad?

    Japan is improving and hopefully will continue to improve. It's nice to see Japan apologize for the mistake they made during the 2nd world war:

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    • "f-words, your wife got raped, your mom is not virgin, sleep with dog .. it is the best to enjoy it with your family members."

      - Good for you and your family?

      - Another Sucker Member? - Syo, Mxy, Wow, 00Holder, ash, fas, Magi, Cyber..- Started using dirty and vicious words when distortion got pointed out. Hopefully you are not one of them??

      Have a nice travel to Europe!

    • Che: <"f-words, your wife got raped, your mom is not virgin, sleep with dog ..". Just a minute, it is the best to enjoy it with your family members.>

      - Surely you'll enjoy with your family members this way ?

    • This is wasting your time. This animal's last posts show he has big trouble to understand your posts. I am jealous of Sucker, who is always accompanied by this dog and Sucker does not have to care about where he sh$ts.

    • We will put six beers in a pack! Brilliant! Let us drink!

    • This one is even more invaluble. We all should open beer cans for this one. The "ECHO" really works so great. But before we get drunk, there is just a minor issue which I'd like to point out. I don't think sucker2k2, cybertrader,... believe "echoes" and, unfortunately, I don't either. Therefore, everything they say will directly go to the target but never return to themsleves. It sounds to me that you are the only one who believes "echoes", which means anything coming out of your mouth will echo back to yourself, right? For instance, if you say "I love you" to anyone else, that same sentence will be back to you automatically and makes you happy. Now enjoy the echo of the following brilliant idea, which is quoted from your message #28537:
      "f-words, your wife got raped, your mom is not virgin, sleep with dog ..". Just a minute, it is the best to enjoy it with your family members.

      I would really like to celebrate with you, but I will be on a three week travel to Europe. Please write to me anyway, as at least you can always enjoy the "echoes" of whatever you will write.

    • Yes, that is brilliant! I am so happy that we have reached "a common ground". It is actually a simple fact. So many American people do not judge President Bush just because he shouts SOB's. They do not echo that word back to him but they look at the overall picture of President Bush. Comparatively, it is so silly for us to judge the people in this board just because they say something we do not like. Well, democracy finally prevails. From now on, sucker2k2, cybertrader, tsm00holder, tsmstrong, ... will all have free talks. Congratulations!

    • "you so believe in ECHOES"?

      Che, using your way of arguement, did I say that?
      [Of course, based on their responses, you know how they feel when they hear their own words??]


    • "They look at the overall picture."

      - I am glad *You said the same thing*.

      And, if that is the case, it may be used as a common ground for discussions for certain issue or subject.
      (Did I answer your question about what I meant by common ground?)


    • Yes, and what value are you adding by great Sucker defender? Do you have of your own inputs to this board?

    • These subjects are not related. BTW, I am amuzed at the name calling. LOL

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