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  • tsmstrong tsmstrong May 24, 2005 11:22 AM Flag

    US Overstated China Military Spending

    "I think everybody that I know in the United States military and the Department of Defense understands the important role that our space assets play in our national security," Gen. Richard B. Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and former head of the Space Command, told the House Armed Services Committee March 10. "One of the biggest issues that we had to deal with was trying to figure out what was happening to a particular capability if the function was interrupted."

    Perhaps, you just need to read more. The US always debates the issues becasue of the free media, dual party system, seperation of powers, etc. Think about folks who say they would not make nuclear weapons but they do (N. Korea). What will happen when all countries are capable - they will do. Then they will lists the execuses.

    It is quite possible that on the fringe (the US is spending very little money on reseach for affirmative weapons in psace) of first strike capability weapons in space (other than nuclear). Perhaps, other countries are spending more in secret as way to catch up on US military might.

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