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  • sucker2k2 sucker2k2 Jun 1, 2005 1:24 AM Flag

    tsmstrong The BIG Difference is:

    China has never claimed or acted as the demoncracy promoter and human right defender in this world.

    China has never told other country should do. If they don't do it, China have never send aircraft carrier and smart bomb there to force them to do it.

    This is the DIFFERENCE, idiot!


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    • Back in March this year, Bush administration announced it will help India to become a world-class super power in this century with the military muscle to match it. Bush thought he could play "India Card" against China.

      But it seems this "India Card" drifting further away from Bush's hands today.

      The foreign ministers from Russia, China and India at Russian city of Vladivostok today confirmed that "strengthening of partnership in the trilateral format met the long-term national interests of India, Russia and China,"

      And they were convinced that "development of mutually beneficial cooperation between the three countries in practical terms would make a considerable contribution to the strengthening of peace and stability not only in Asia but also globally."

      They declared "the intention of India, Russia and China to cooperate in the trilateral format in combating new threats and challenges,"

      Russian Foreign Minister insisted that the ongoing trilateral dialogue is not directed against any country in Asia (that means, Japan) or in the world (that means, US) even most political observers believe that this trilateral foreign minister meeting is obviously with the unstated aim to further minimize US influence in Asia.

    • Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C. � May 30, 2005 -- TSMC (the �Company�) (TAIEX: 2330, NYSE: TSM) today sets June 19, 2005 as the record date for its common stock�s dividends. The ex-dividend date for TSMC common shares shall be June 13, 2005. Share dividends include a cash dividend of NT$1.9998 and a stock dividend of 0.0499971 shares for each common share. (not ADR)

    • "Never forget they kept alot of slaves"

      Intersting reading as well.

    • Actually your supporting the democratic party:

      Wall street journal on same link:

      "Here is where the unfortunate timing may have played a role. The new "evidence" was rushed to press in the middle of the congressional impeachment inquiry of Bill Clinton. Prof. Ellis actively opposed the impeachment effort, and he repeatedly used his new position to draw parallels in defense of Mr. Clinton."

      You know I thought this myslef before I found the evidence from the Wallstreet. Timing.

    • interesting, where is your link?

    • "The ongoing efforts to discredit the Founders (specifically Jefferson) is well illustrated by the events beginning in 1998. A "study" was published suggesting that DNA evidence "proved" that Thomas Jefferson fathered a child by one of his slaves named Sally Hemings. The story was trumpeted by every large newspaper in the country and spawned volumes of commentaries in non-daily publications. It was a "hot" national story for a few weeks. The important part of the story is next.

      The story was and is a gross distortion at best, but it would be fair to call it a "bold-faced lie." The evidence basically showed that the father of Hemings' child was one of 25 Jefferson males living within twenty miles of Monticello, most likely Jefferson's younger brother Randolph or one of Randolph's sons. Thomas Jefferson was 64 years of age when this alleged love-child was conceived.

      A group of thirteen Jefferson scholars studied the evidence and issued a 550-page report in 2001. Of those 13 scholars, 11 wrote that allegations of Thomas Jefferson's paternity was "almost certainly false," one expressed "strong skepticism" [that Thomas Jefferson was the father] and one dissenter stated his belief that Thomas Jefferson was the father.

      The BIG DIFFERENCE is that this 2001 report refuting the 1998 "story" went almost completely unreported. Samuel Francis pointed out the double standard in his syndicted columns (links to two below) and the Wall Street Journal published a story several months later in July 2001."

      Yes, I found it. More of your favorite type of gossip? Don;t care what the scholars think- they are just regular folk.

      Anyway, why no response to the great leader Mao?

    • tsmstrong:

      Have you found out the family trees for Thomas Jefferson's slaves? I bet it must be closely tied with Thomas own family tree. HeHeHe!

    • "Cleon Skousen, in his 1958 book "The Naked Communist," listed 45 Communist Goals to destroy America from within. Number 30 on the list is "Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the "common man." Of course, number 30 goes hand-in-glove with number 29 (discredit the U.S. Constitution) and number 31 (discourage the teaching of American History)."

      It seems you have a numnber of these covered? LOL

    • In March this year, US announced it will help India to become a super world power in this century with the military muscle to match it. Bush wants to sell F-16s, F-18s, and licences for production, anti-missle systems, nuclear reactor technology,and even called India as strtegic partner. US is playing "India card" to "contain" or "encircle" to against China.,curpg-1.cms

      But US got the first disappointment during India minister, Natwar Singh, visit to US in April 17. Natwar said "We are not in this game at all," "We have very, very good relations with America. We greatly value them. We want to widen them, deepen them and broaden them. The same is the case with China."

      the situation became worse after the Chinese General visit India last week in May, India and China decided to have closer military tie.

      Now, this is the worst of nightmare, India, Russia and China plan to have the partnership. Russian Foreign Minister even says the ongoing three party talk are not directed against any country in Asia (that means, Japan) or in the world (that means, US).

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