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  • lastnn30 lastnn30 Oct 28, 2009 8:58 PM Flag

    mix feelings

    i bough tsm 2 months ago and so far my lost is 25k!! but somehow i feel this is not joke company.. it is real and will be up.. but at the same time the pain is too much.. i am afraid from tomorrow 29.. hope things will be good.. but really getting so tired.

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    • i recognize some of the old timers on the board..but see alot of new ones too! glta!

    • If a person got in now how long would you have to hold to get the dividend? I have had this stock in the past..but i forgot the dates. Im thinking about getting back in now at $9.50..the divy far exceeds the 1.2% CD rates..Thanks in advance

    • easy to say than do.. how can i know what is the low or what is the high?? i bought it 10.90 and then went to 11 and more.. at that time 10.90 was very good price

    • thanks a lot once again for all your advises.. yes i admit i do not know a lot about stocks and i am learning.. about this company what i know it is number 1 and most of the semicoductor companies i worked with they design chips but then send it to tsm to fabricat the chip, so they are doing something good. also i watched the history of the stocks and saw how many times they split and that was big factor... yes it is really hard earning money but i was thinking i am puting it in good company.. and i waited so long for this company.. every time i say i am missing alot but then when i jumped i end up so far as of today with 15k loose.

    • Here are some brief responses to your questions but first I want to say that I am troubled by your questions. They are quite basic and you should have known more than apparently you do before you plunk down hard earned money (I assume) to buy something you don't understand.

      There are about 5 billion outstanding shares out for this Company. That means that individuals, mutual funds, banks, institutions, etc. own that many shares.
      And if you own shares, you can trade them on the open Market.

      Dividends are normally paid every quarter but I am not sure about this Company. You should specify with the investing company with which you are doing business if you want dividends paid in cash directly to you or in the form of additional shares. All of this is taxable, at least in the U>S>

      If you own the stock one day before the dividend is due to be paid, you will get it. But it is not normally "free money". For example, let us say that the dividend is $.20 a share. (Just as an example.) You will get that money either in the form of a check or stock. BUT, the value of the shares will drop by that same amount. So, in this example, if the stock is trading at $10.00, it will automatically drop to $9.80. But investors like dividends so it will probably go right back up again.

      More importantly, don't be putting money in the Market if you don't have at least some knowledge of what you are doing. No shame in that--everybody has to learn--but do some of it before you invest big money in something you may not understand.

    • how that works? when the give dividend? if i buy the stock 1 day before the end of year, would i get the dividend? when it is the end of year? thanks a lot

    • I am going to assume that the story in your letter is true and that you really have sustained a huge paper loss.

      First, I am sorry. I know that being down 25k for most anyone is a real tragedy. That having been said--what to do now?

      Of prime importance, treat what anyone tells you on the internet with a huge grain of salt. I happen to be giving you the best thoughts that I have but many others will certainly attempt to either mislead you or belittle you. That having been said, I know nothing of you--your financial situation--your inner ability to sit tight and keep losing money in the hopes of getting some back.

      How much money do you have? Don't answer that!! But is 25k a huge percentage of your assets? If it is, you had no business putting so much money into one stock. But you don't need to hear that right now--maybe?

      If 25K is NOT a huge percentage of your assets--you might be able to stay in for a while. But ALWAYS set mental stop levels i.e., I will take as much as a 10% loss and then I will sell. Or something like that. Don't fall in love with a stock--be able to get out at a predetermined level and stick to it.

      I have an idea you have gone beyond that level so this advice is a little too late.

      I cannot tell you what to do. I bought in at about #10.10 and if it falls tomorrow, I will get out. If not, I will stay. I have set some parameters as to how much money I will lose. The stock could decline a nickel and then I sell and then it goes up a dollar. I missed it. So what? I can always find another stock in which to lose money!

      Remember, each new day is a day that you should re examine if you should buy or sell a stock. Don't lose more than you can afford

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      • thanks a lot for the advise.. yes my story is real.. yes i agree about cutting my lost.. but at the same time where should i put my money to get my lost back? i do not trust many companies and this i have been watching for years, i trust and like.. it is tough situation, i need to get out but not with 25k lost.. it is more then 15% of my money.. i am hoping they will be back up again or the stock split so it can go up again but who knows?? and i am not sure when they will split if any.. it is painful situation

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