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  • lkelongchow lkelongchow May 13, 2013 11:26 PM Flag


    Philippine barbarian behavior is same Somali Pirates! U.S don't want condemn Philippine killed Taiwan fisherman! MR. MA no more U.S puppy otherwise Taiwan fisherman life just like #$%$"! Work with China! Brothers help each others! Mr. MA! What you waiting for!? Don't follow Wong, jin-wei (Japan puppy). Wish you and KMT to be a Taiwanese hero!

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    • This is TSM message board, idiot. Bring your concerns in the proper forum,if you know what I mean. But i'll let you eat what you said bobo.

    • First, your english is horrible. Second, do you even know what actually happened. Investigation by both countries is still going on so don't call philippine as barbarian and pirates. Do you know that there lots of Taiwanese and Chinese people smuggling drugs and coicane into the Philippines slowly killing and destroying the futures of young people and children. Now, ask yourself.. who are the barbarians

    • Taiwanese should be aware that Japan already caught 2 fishing boat in 2 weeks, Vietnam try to kidnap Taiwan fish boat last week. Also Philippines foreign minister visit Japan today. It's clear Philippines, Japan and Vietnam
      try to tie together.Taiwan should work with CHINA together! then the trouble maker will be gone. otherwise
      Taiwan fishermen keep killed by Philippines, pay more ransom to Japan (2 fisherman already paid NT. 1.2 M in last 2 week). Kidnapping Taiwan fishermen boat by Vietnam. Taiwanese! What you waiting for? Work with CHINA
      together stop begging for symphony. Let them apology to Taiwan. Taiwanese should push Mr. MA. KMT and DDP both party WAKE UP! Taiwanese need dignity. God bless Taiwanese!

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      • Brothers. Shame on you calling Philippines BARBARIANS. Investigation still going on. Don't fish inside Philippine waters and Philippines can live at peace with its neighbors. Thing is neighbors ( (China, Taiwan) are slowly encroaching philippine territory to to steal its resources. Do you guys know that a Chine vessel gotstucked in protected corral reef in palawan loaded with rare and endangered species of sea creatures and destroying the reef in the process which takes hundreds of years to grow? Now, tell me who are the barbarians.

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