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  • tradebuster tradebuster Jul 9, 1999 8:49 AM Flag

    TSM in WSJ

    TSM in WSJ/DJ feature on Asian Tech Shares. For a
    summary and link to the article, see WSJ/DJ Synopsi page
    which is linked through the

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    • Please make your checks payable

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    • To rapidly aid the earthquake victims, donations
      can be sent to the following Taiwanese organization
      in the States:

      Taiwanese Association of
      C/O Mrs. Nora Tsay
      2110 Stonehill
      Arlington, TX 76012

      Checks should be made payable to
      "TAA - Taiwan Earthquake Relief Funds". All donations
      will be 100% forwarded to the local governments in
      Taiwan where the quake damages are most

      Taiwanese Association of America (TAA) is an IRS Section
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    • estimate of lost at 10% monthly production. No lost of life.

    • We need to star asking ourself : What can we do to help.

    • GO TO HELL !!

    • Don't lie to yourself.

      <<Who cares
      about the people who live there! The only question is
      will my shares lose value tomorrow!!!!

      Shit, for all I care, every piece of the country can be
      destroyed, but as long as TSM keeps rollin' I'm

      Self-interest is king!

      You people make me

    • My original post was one of satire. The whole
      point of the post was to show you people that the fate
      of TSM was insignificant compared to the human toll
      which the earthquake cause.

      The posters on this
      board who were worried about the factories and wafers
      were the ones who made me sick.

      It really
      doesn't surprise me, though, that you simpletons
      misinterpreted my post.

    • in the long run,tsm is a good stock to hold
      when $ weaken,US growth slowing down(vanguard US growth is a
      good measurement)

      As long as there is not sever damage to tsm factory,it's fine

    • here is a cut from the Smartmoney article and it
      does not sound so bad. The price is holding up fairly
      well and I stuck an order in to buy at 28 1/2 just in
      case but I was dreaming. It very well may be a time to
      buy the stock at 30. Personally, what the analysts'
      say very often is for their own benefits. An analyst
      can make a dire statement about a company after a
      natural disaster and not have to worry that he is scaring
      investors. In a couple of weeks they will make their
      to the gent in Taiwan........I fully understand your
      situation. I have had 5 major hurricanes pass within 10
      miles of my home in the last 36 months.

      Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSM), the
      world's largest dedicated chip foundry, and
      Microelectronics Corp., the island's second-biggest chipmaker,
      said a full assessment is difficult at
      this stage,
      a view shared by those in the securities industry.

      "Anything at this point is speculation," said
      Doug Lee, an electronics analyst at Goldman Sachs in
      Kong. "I don't think it'll be catastrophic, but
      it's hard to determine."

      Ironically, any halt
      to production at Taiwan's chip makers will add fresh
      impetus to already-soaring DRAM
      memory chip prices,
      analysts said.

      While the island's memory chip
      makers currently account for just 10% to 12% of global
      DRAM output, a
      halt to production for just one or
      two days will be enough to tighten supply, analysts
      and traders said.

      Coming at a time when
      demand is outstripping supply and computer companies are
      gearing up for the
      peak season, analysts said they
      expect DRAM prices to shoot up sharply over the coming

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