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  • u1968 u1968 Mar 20, 2000 11:49 PM Flag

    To: traveling_muse, capture Taiwan EASY

    But I don't think that it's necessary for now. I
    think that to keep the current state is good for both
    sides. I just don't like some Taiwanese consider
    themselves as Japanese. We may invite Mr. chen to be
    president of China if he is really that good. :)

    think that you are one of the Americans we forgot the
    Korea war.

    My father was in Korea war and won
    silver medal for shooting down U.S. bombers in Korea.
    After back to China, his group shot down U.S. air force
    U-2 plane and everyone got gold medal.

    father told me if China wants to take Taiwan, no matter
    how hard it is, it will be taken. Chinese missiles
    are god enough to take U.S. carrier. Let along the so
    called w-88 mininature war heads, which can take a whole
    fleet easily.

    Yes, weapons are important, but
    remember Korea War.

    I will be back to China soon
    (with bags of stolen U.S. technology)


    Have fun ...

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    • It will be extremely easy for China to take
      Taiwan. Chinese people are paying "sneak head" 60 K US
      dollars (20 years od their income)so they can be smuggled
      into USA to be a slave labor in the sweat shope. Many
      die on their way. All the communist has to do and
      give those poor soul something that floats and give
      them a map to Taiwan, they will take off even over 50%
      may perish on their way.

      The illegal Chinese
      aliens is a big problem in Taiwan. Wave of illegal
      Chinese alien find their way into Taiwan because of high
      wages (per capital Taiwanese income is 18K while
      Chinese is 300 A YEAR). Many are caught but the China
      goverment refuse to take them back. There are 5000 now in
      detaintion and the Taiwanese goverment is already crying
      foul. What will happen when the Chinese goverment tell
      their people free to move ??

    • right to remain silent. Really. Don't just know how to use your freedom of speech. U.S. takes sh*t like what you said very seriously.

    • I guess that goverment agents are not as sensitive as you guys. Do they think that I take all of my class notes back as "stolen tech"?

    • congress for sure. Based on what you just said to
      traveling_muse. Good luck. We will contact Yahoo to find out your
      true identity first. You sure should understand how
      sensitive that is at the moment and you dared to say that
      in public.

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