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  • cumtopapaya cumtopapaya Dec 5, 2000 7:31 PM Flag

    What dsp_man stand for

    Dick Suck Pimp_man. A pathetic loser lau-tai ass
    hole. He lose so much money in long TSM. He is willing
    to sell his MAMA's fat ass to cover his lost.

    I am from Taiwan but hate lau-tai. LOL.

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    • Wowgoner said:
      Wow, Abian's governement has to
      raise tons of debt. The governement is in big
      finanacial trouble!


      It is bad for the market! The interest rate there
      will shoot up. High interest rate, with high inflation
      an high employment with unstable governement and
      incompetent leadership.

      It is too bad the election is
      stolen by the biigest liar in the world.

    • even that below poverty line $20,000 per capita
      is just a wild wild fantasy in your lao tai dreams.
      You have to make it up. So again, pull your head out
      of your stinky lao tai ass and face the

      If you really are so great, then don't hide under
      Americans' crotch seeking protection from China.

    • > I am from Taiwan but hate lau-tai.

      knew this from the very beginning, and I have seen
      many of your kind. They are everywhere, especially
      amongst James Soong supporters. My advice for your type
      is to seek medical help ASAP.

      2nd generation
      mainlanders from Taiwan, most of you grew up in a privileged
      environment with fat government jobs provided by KMT. You
      look down on the rest of Taiwanese cuz you think you
      are the ruler, without realizing everything you have
      is given to you by the corrupted KMT at the expense
      of native Taiwanese.

      Your hate toward the
      native Taiwanese is the same type of hate the white
      conquerers had toward Asians or Africans in the 19th
      century. This hate was passed down from your fathers as
      they took over the island of Taiwan with guns in their
      hands. It's also responsible for the failure of James
      Soong and KMT supporters in the last election.

      You need to Seek help now !!

      • 1 Reply to dsp_man
      • The problem with you lao tais is that you don't
        know what benefits the mainlanders and the KMT have
        brought to you after recovering Taiwan from Japan in
        1949. You lao tais then did not even own a pair of
        shoes, let alone having any culture. It was the KTM's
        favorable land and various other policies that helped you
        re-establish your life as a "human being."

        You lao tais
        have no sense of decency, biting the hand that fed you
        for 50 years! The so-called Taiwan Economic Miracle
        you lao tais like to brag about is actually the
        accomplishment of mainlanders and the KMT's ruling of Taiwan
        over 5 decades.

        What have you lao tais
        accomplished so far on Taiwan? Take a look at what your lao
        tai leader Lee Den Hui, Chen Shui Bian, and their
        jackals have done in and to Taiwan. Under your so-called
        "son of taiwan" lao tai, Taiwan is to become the
        second Philippines and Indonesia very soon. You lao tais
        will soon be exported to China and other countries as
        cheap labor doing menial works. Chinese mainlanders
        will rule Taiwan and you again soon.

    • hey, you've got another comrade here. i hate lao tai too, and I am a Chinese from Taiwan Province, China.

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