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  • harnjee harnjee Dec 20, 2000 1:44 PM Flag

    Re: Wowbothway, you are right,

    that he will
    clean-up the corruption in our system.

    He told us
    that he has as high expection of himself as we do of
    him. He asked us to be more patient and be supportive
    of him. He know where the problems are but it will
    take time to fix those complicated

    Personaly, I will give him 4 years. If I do not see positive
    changes in 4 years, I will give other people a shot.

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    • > look at ex-president Lee and the current

      THey are totally different. Lee was corrupted, but not

      I am very certain you are just a
      mainlander in disguise who obviously couldn't tell the
      difference among Taiwanese. Most of mainlanders have the
      tendencies to lump all Taiwanese together.

    • > 6) Dr. Song's party is for the people!

      That's bull.

      His party is the continuation of New party. Every new party members I knew voted for Soong.

    • > Late comers are more open-minded than the
      Fujian invaders. At least we got some land back from
      Fujian invaders during the
      land reform intiated by
      late arrivers, KMT.

      That's a bunch of bull.

      KMT initiated the land reform so they could
      re-distribute the land to the newly arrived mainlanders. Read
      your history. There was no sympathy for the original
      inhibitants during KMT's rule.

    • > they try to balme on Dr. Song, who has
      a scapegoat of everything bad.

      Soong is
      the dirties politician around. During the election,
      he claimed he never Y any money, until his
      multi-billion bank accounts were exposed.

      He then led
      the effort to impeach our president. But it went no
      where. He is now very quiet about the whole impeachment
      fiasco. That way he could later blame the failure to

      Very dirty indeed.

    • > 1) Abian is too egotistic, too coneited and
      not trustworthy. Worse than Chiang Kai-shek!

      Abien is at least 10 times better than CKS. There is no
      comparison between the two. During CKS's rule, if you said
      anything against KMT you would be put in jail
      automatically. There is no comparison.

      We should all
      thank DPP and Abien for their fight for democracy and
      human rights in Taiwan. Otherwise, we will still living
      under corrupted KMT with no freedom of speech and no
      justice for anyone who speaks out.

    • Abian is a lawyer who makes good money. Besides,
      KMT basicly live with him to monitor every moves he
      made. He would be exposed if he step out of

      On the other hands, song was a KMT official who does
      not make much (less than 100,000 a month) and his
      wife stay home. Yet he owns 3 houses in Taipei (not
      apartment) and a piece of land in Taipei county. If you are
      from Taiwan you should know how much a house in Taipei
      (with basement and garage) worth. Do your math and tell
      me how long will it take to save that kind of

      As far as Wowbothway's argument, my answer is to
      look at China. CCP is so corrput that Newsweek has a
      special report on it. Yet, China economy has been
      booming. It is safe to say, China will be im much better
      shape if they do not have those corrupt incompetent

      Have you ever see a Taiwanese business
      man who does not know English yet he ventures to USA
      and Europe to sell his product ? I have. It has been
      15 years but I can still remember what he told me.
      He said to me that he will be very grateful if the
      KMT goverment can stay out his way. Those businessmen
      were here to attand a trade show but the KMT trade
      officials who supposed to help them went visiting their
      kids as soon as the airplane landed in LA. They
      re-appeared one day before the trade show and threaten to
      report them if they do not put on KMT flags in their
      booth. The Chiacago tool show organier consider that a
      political gesture and would not allow the display of flags
      in the booth. Guess, how they solve the problem ?
      They collect some money and send him to tour Niagara

    • Song disclosed that he owns 3 houses (not
      apartment) in Taipei and a piece of land. Those properties
      worth at least 50 millions NT. In addition, he also
      help paying the down payment for the first of the 5
      houses his son owns. Song was a KMT party official
      making less than 100,000 NT a month. Song is in the work
      force for less than 20 years. How can he have that kind
      of money ??

      Song's kid is a high tech
      executives ? Which company he is with ? Either Song Jr. must
      be able to walk on water to rise to that level in 3
      years or Dirty Song was the owner of that company.

    • > His son is a high tech executive and can
      easily and legitimately own 5 houses


      His son is a 20 something who just got off his 2 year
      tour of duty in the military. He is no high tech
      executive. He is a rotten SOB who lives on his father's
      black money.

    • not for corruption, but for abetting corruption.
      His son is a high tech executive and can easily and
      legitimately own 5 houses (not mansion as quoted). Since real
      estate value in SF area went up 10X in the past years,
      Soong can easily have NT$Bs legally.

      Soong is unwilling or unable to report to the proper
      authority of the corruption committed by his boss and
      KMafia, and therefore he is guilty of abetting the
      corruption. Similar comment can be made about Abian and

      Corruption does not generate a booming economy, as it is the
      booming economy that ignite the corruption.

    • dsp_man said:

      Taiwan is a democracy now
      and no one should go to jail without a fair trial. If
      the government finds enough evidence it will
      prosecute Soong accordingly. Unfortunately, many of the
      corruption and bribes occurred years ago and it's becoming
      difficult obtaining evidence. But just look at Soong's
      multi-billion dollar bank accounts and the 5 mansions located
      in SF bay area owned by his son.

      Talkischeapu replied:

      Exactly. People are talking the
      same thing about Abian; look at his account,

      The law should be assumed innocence until proven

      How can you assume Song is guilty and not

      Actually, I found Dr. Song is gaining popularity,
      especially among minority. Abian is getting less and less

      Wowgoner asked a very good question: if KMT is so
      corrupted, why the economy was booming until recently? Does
      corruption creates economy? It is a sarcastic question with
      obvious answer: Of course not! It is obvious.
      Accordingly, corruption may have been only in your
      imagination. Just like what happened in culture revolution. It
      is a legitimate question. To me, it is a good

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