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  • McMEM McMEM May 14, 2001 9:42 PM Flag

    wowgone : I may go any place other than

    While you may not like the "fill duck education" system, it has been very effective. Just look at the % of Chinese students in the US universities. Most high school students are still not mature sufficiently to think or invent independently. BTW, a better translation of "8 share[s]" is "8 limbs" or "8 parts".

    With regard to your comment that "KMT education is a fool people education", even the US system can be grouped into such catagory. E.g., all the spy-plane news were rather 1-sided. You are ultimately responsible to filter and interpret the news. The best gold-testing-stone is to ask "Am I better off?" or "What is in it for me"? Using such criterion, KMT shines. From the 60s to late 80s, KMT actually educated and provided opportunity to the citizens fairly. Since leaving UN, KMT put its acts together, and the economy went up 10+% every year. Most important of all, there were no war for 50 years. Do you honestly believe the DPP is treating everyone equally?

    Your statement that "some Taiwanese women thought that only low class people speak Taiwanese" is biased. As part of the education system, CKS decided to have only one official language. Many country make similar decision.

    You also feel that "if DPP do not do well, then they will lose in the next election, the power is on the poeple's hand". Surprisingly it is not true. Recently a thug Lo was ejected for hitting a female legislator. Yet he was re-elected year after year. Check the election system again.

    I agree that "[some] people cannot think independently", but that is because of brainwashing. If some of your friends or relatives keep telling you that KMT is POS for your whole life, can you think independently?

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