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  • goldeld goldeld May 9, 2001 3:23 PM Flag

    wowgone : I may go any place other than

    China, but if you keep spending so much time to post those James-Soong-type News, then you will fail in the classes, then America is not for you (Although you claim how much you love China, I know you want to stay in USA).

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    • >> How gross!

      Really !! You havn't heard the nasty things she asked me to do to her with my fingers.

    • Sarah Clements for CNBC covered the World Markets Report, TSM.

    • sucking your dick. You think get your dick suck is gross ?? Tell Mr. Clinton that. You Chink not only give money, alsoprovide sex slaves. Clinton's friend in Arizon was prosecuted for keeping to Da-Lu-Mei sex slaves. Those two votuneered their service !!! Can you imagibne that !! Proude Chinese women came to US to serve as sex slaves ???

      The comfort woman, Mr. Hsu mentioned were prositutes. They can make more money by serving the Japanese. Most of the comfortwoem are from the sex industry and you prode Chinese should know a lot about it. Lau-Tai like to tour China for a reson.

    • I can not believe theat Japanese government had mandatory 6 year education for all Taiwanese. If it is true, in late 40's, as KMT took over, there were not enough schools and class rooms out there. I don't think every kids went to school under KMT in late 40's.

      I don't have problem you express your opinion, please talk based on facts.

      Most of mainlanders served in government in 50's had higher eduction. Yes, most of soldiers were not educated, but they would not get high positions in government, either.

      Your statement "Mainlanders were occupying high paying government positions at that time due to their links with KMT, not because of their education or competency." is not right.

      You can argue with what happened in 60's and 70's, but it has been improved since 80's except millitary force.

      If you talk about the highest level (cabinet) in government, you may be right. However, same thing happened at DPP government, I believe at any government in the world. It will be difficult to work together if you don't have good relationship with DPP.

    • Do not just stop at the flies but get the tiger also. Look yourself in the mirror and say "I have balls. I am my own master. Moses was corrupt and should be investigated/prosecuted."

    • <<. I have seen plenty of cases when Taiwanese kids were punished for speaking Taiwanese.>>
      Check with your fathers first before you bitch D again. Likely they requested, begged even bribed the teachers to give you that extra attention.

      <<Taiwan was never bombed by the commie.>>
      Beg your fathers and teachers for forgiveness.

    • <<Those old KMT are so arrogant, shouted so much in the congress>>
      No hands though.

    • >> you can imagine how those "minalanders" ,who came to Taiwan alone,

      They didn't come to the island along. They came with the entire CKS's KMT army, several millions of them, with the best US equiped weapons.

      >> most mainalanders are the epople without asset.

      In the beginning mainlanders didn't have much assets except the loots they brought with them to Taiwan, but KMT government started the asset transfer process right away. They taxed taiwanese and used the tax money to employ mainlanders in every level of government. They spent 60% of tax revenue in military, which was mostly mainlanders at that time.

      >> My dad passed away long time ago due to a stroke for worrying about lacking cash flow of his factory during a bad economic downturn,

      How can you complaine when you owned a factory?

      >> My mom had no place to stay in Taiwan,

      Yeah right. You are telling me your mom didn't have a place to stay even though you owned a factory. You really need to quit whinning.

      >> he quitted government post to avoid unnecessary hassle.

      Why? Is it due to discovering of all the corruptions, kick backs, and red pockets he had profitted over the years?

      >> We lived in an interesting time, and we should enjoy as much as we can. Life is limited, I will not spend a minute on hatred.

      You might not be hateful, but you are certainly are a bad liar and full of prejudice.

    • It is interesting to read the psychology behind all postings: it is much easier to point fingers at the others! It is all the other people's fault!

      Original inhabitants (at least some, not all)think that Fujian origin Taiwanese are fake Taiwanese, they are corrupted, they have corrupted "Chinese" culture. Original inhabitants are vitims of "fake Taiwanese".

      Fujian origin Taiwanese (at least some, I know many are not, including my wife, my sister in laws, my brother in lawss, friends) think that "mainlanders" (isn't Fujian part of Mainland?) are corrupted, they oppress Fujian
      origin Taiwanese. All the corruption are mainalanders.

      "manilanders" think that they work hard to defend the island, but then they were dicriminated and called unloyal, etc.

      Dspman agreed that majority of teachers are Fujian origin, but they had to punish their own kids so that they will not lose jobs. If Fujian origin Taiwanese, who have lands, relative supoort, are afraid to los their jobs by prosecuting thier own people, you can imagine how those "minalanders" ,who came to Taiwan alone, usually not of their own wills, they have no land to survive and no relative to support. What can they do? They should be saints, but Fujian origin Tawanese should not?
      If they were put in prison, no relatives would run around for them. They would be forgotten totally. Friends would be scared away. They are much easier victims, it is more cridible when they were being suspected as a communist!

      Talking about people without asset, most mainalanders are the epople without asset. That is why communism prevail. I still remember those days eating potatoes with salt in Taiwan. I came to USA with a few dollars in the pocket, I had to borrow salary from university dept. for my food. I rode on a cargo ship for more than a month, nauseating to death to come to USA to study. I was surprised that I survived. Those hardship become fond memory. Without hardship, how can you appreciate happiness? My mom had no place to stay in Taiwan, we brothers and sisters had to gather money to by a small apartment for her. My dad passed away long time ago due to a stroke for worrying about lacking cash flow of his factory during a bad economic downturn, he quitted government post to avoid unnecessary hassle. He was almost in prison when one of his earlier student from mainland was framed and prisoned. Many things just happened without our control.

      On the other hand, if I were CKS, could I do better? I am not sure. Do I still want to push for a single language for the country? Definitely! Even after fifty years peaceful times, we still cannot communicate well with one single language. We can imagine what would happen if CKS did not push for Mandarin in Taiwan. Biased opinios and miscommunication would premail more. Hatred caused by miscommunication will become more common.
      We lived in an interesting time, and we should enjoy as much as we can. Life is limited, I will not spend a minute on hatred.

    • >> My father was a KMT member.
      He was employed by the government.

      Ask your daddy how he can afford to buy real estate properties in the US after only a few years of civil service in Taiwan.

      Ask him how he profitted from government contact kick backs, military arms sales, and red pockets. Also don't forget to ask him how he profitted from insider information. He must have enjoyed his days during KMT's rule.

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