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  • filthychineseswine filthychineseswine Aug 6, 2001 3:19 AM Flag

    Re: donkey wowgoner : You asked me that

    Here's a battle plan for you: Deport all you traitors to China so that you can enjoy the poverty and squalour there. We wouldn't want you to suffer living in a country you hate so much, to suffer living in a free and prosperous country. What a poor creature you are to have to never worry about starvation or having your wife be forced to have an abortion!

    You think it is a joke the DPP fights in the legislature? Then you must think it is really funny that you Chinese pigs killed tens of thousands of Taiwanese in the last 50 years.

    Go back to China!

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    • dsp,
      <They are not working with the enemy to destroy Taiwan.>
      are you talking about your jap father dirty lee?
      <It has nothing to do with who was there first. It has to do with loyalty.>
      ask you sister ,pure lotus vp alain which country she loyal to,republic of china?
      republic of taiwan (ROT),or jap ?

      are you lost your mind?
      i bet dsp means destoried stupid person.

    • not a Taiwanese ?? James is dirty ? Tell you what, he is an agel compared to your oldman. He managed to clean up KMT trash like your oldman and those losers that formed the New party.

      Your buddy Fung Fu-Shown is going to become unemployeed by Demcenber. His next job will be to lick Song's ass ahole after his borl movement.

    • Asshore, You are not listening. Everyone lives on Taiwan or born in Taiwan is a Taiwanese. That is why Mr. Chiang Chin-Kao is a Taiwanese so is Mr. Song.

      You NEED to pay more attention to Song. Stop listening to the loser New party guys.

    • >> The difference between Taiwanese and your type of Chinese is that Taiwanese love Taiwan. They are not working with the enemy to destroy Taiwan. This is why you don't deserve to be in Taiwan. It has nothing to do with who was there first. It has to do with loyalty.

      This is the most thoughtful and true statement in the past week.

    • >> He's fair, knowledgeable, and trustable.

      Yeah right! He was the New Party's presidential candidate last year. Then two weeks before the election he pulled out. This is your definition of trustworthiness??

    • Wow... I thought you didn't take me seriously. Why such a lengthy and tiresome reply?

      I can counterattack each of your arguments, but I've chosen not to. It's a waste of time, for we don't have a same language.

      When conflicts can't be settled by concessions or compromises, talks simply collapse and people go to wars. That's just a human nature. Examples are WWI, WWII, and wars now in Mideast, India/Pakistan, Macedonia/Albania, and so on, so forth.

      We're now going in that direction, apparently. The unease (including loss of lives) in Taiwan will be there for a long time to come, not only from inside the island where people don't agree with each other, but also from the nearby Mainland China that wants her land back.

      It's sickening to think that we have to waste so much energy and time (gosh, so exhausting) fighting with each other, but we really don't have other choices, I guess.

      Finally, don't fight with me about 228, because I'm not an expert on this subject. Go and fight with Lee Aw who did the research and wrote the book. For me, I trust Lee more than you. He's fair, knowledgeable, and trustable.

      PS: I don�t want my advisor to mad at me and I must limit my time here; so, don�t bother to reply.

    • <<You are born in Taiwan then you are a Taiwanese. >>

      It depends on how you define "Taiwanese". No, I'm not you kind of Taiwanese.

    • sorry,i was born in taiwan but i am not a
      taiwanese.i am a chinese
      dirty soong is a jerk anyway.his buddy lee too.

    • filthychineseswine? Oh I remember you -- the ugly shortie with tiny eyes and a monkey face!

      Why did you come back? What did you want to see?

      Did they forget to lock the gate and let you escape from the hell?

      Not an inappropriate name to describe yourself. But, a more suitable one would be �filthyfukienchineseswine�, or even better, �obsceneopiumsmokingtaiwanesepig�. Don�t you think so?

      Remember the British Arthur Corner, who stayed in your inn when traveling to the interior of Taiwan in 1875? He wrote an article about that trip and had it published in the �Proceeding of the Royal Geographical Society�.

      If you�ve forgot your history, you can refresh yourself by reading the following paragraph:

      "About 4:30 PM I reached Tau-lak, and went immediately to a (Fukien) Chinese inn, which proved to be a most filthy place. Men were lying about smoking opium on wretched beds of straw; the family pig roamed in fancy free under the beds, and the heavy suffocating atmosphere of my sleeping apartment was well-nigh overpowering. However there was nothing else for it; the miserable wattle-and-dab barn was not built to please me, and better men have often had to put up with worse fare. " --- from Corner, Arthur. "Journey in the interior of Formosa." Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society 19 (1875): 515-17.

      What have you seen in taiwan since you came back to earth, obsceneopiumsmokingtaiwanesepig? Not much, I�m sure.

      Your ugly and disgusting offspring now may have more money in their pockets than you did, but their stupidity, evilness, and especially ugliness are the same as yours. They�ve got your genes all right!

      • 2 Replies to ashuar2001
      • in the US call themself ?? American ? Right ? They see them as American who has german or whatever bood. Why people on Taiwan can not be "Taiwanese" ?? Why you are so ashame of your birth place ? Why you hate the people whoes tax money feed you and your family ?? If You love being a Chinese, then, go to China. No body is going to stop you. Why the people on Taiwan can not have the freedom to decide their own future ? I like to keep the 19000 per capital income and I see it as my right to keep the money I have. You have the freedom to share what you make with your brothers and sisters but don't tell me I have to give my money and freedom away.

        You do not like Taiwan but we do. We like to build a better Taiwan but I do not think we have to contribute and we will not force you to.

        You are born in Taiwan and NO ONE can force you to leave. We are reminding you that you have the freedom to go to China any time you WISH to. Actually, I will buy a ticket to FLY there if you decide to emigrate.

      • No matter how you people twist history, use excuses, and cover all of your crimes and short-comings, you simply can't get away with this one:

        �� One cannot fail to feel interested in these people (the aborigines), whose manners and appearance are so prepossessing; and it is distressing to contemplate that in the course of a few years they may probably be extinct� The antipathy to the (Fukien) Chinese is so strong that warfare between them is constant..." --- from Corner, Arthur. "Journey in the interior of Formosa." Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society 19 (1875): 515-17.

        You murdered those beautiful people and took their lands and now you want to keep the lands to your own. Don't you know that you are a very evil people? Shame on you!

        BTW, almost all of the articles I have read tell me that aborigines were beautiful people and the (fukien) taiwanese were short, filthy, ugly, and opium-smoking.

        I bet you have no idea how ugly you people are.

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