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  • songsuckdick songsuckdick Aug 8, 2001 6:29 PM Flag

    what a joke !!!


    These stupid KMT people are hopeless. Who get more vote in last election ? Song or KMRT ?�@

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    • A new shipment of human cargo coming in ?? What is the price for a good looking Da-Lu-Mai going nowdays ?

      Mo-Lan-Par ?? Well, you can ask Mcbabe to find out for you.

      James is going to cut all the funding to those Tria-house in the China town. Tell your cousin Lee that he needs to kiss up Beijing to make a living after song is elected.

    • James Song need terminate New Party to absorb New Party's supporters, so Blind Party can get enough seats to beat KMT in the Nov. election, then the whole " blue army" will support him to run president two and half years later. the Saint Wang can not save New Party, only you can save New Party, You need go to "stand on the stage" for New party and give your speech of "228".

      P.S. You do not need go to New York's funeral home, After James Song "eat" New Party's meat and "suck" New Party's blood, New party has moved her home to next to The Taipei second funeral home, you can go to New Party new home, if you need, New Party can take you to next door right way.

    • Subj: adr price
      By: filthychineseswine
      Date: 08/09/01 02:50 am

      ADR price reflects inablity of most Americans to directly own TSMC shares, as well as FX transfer and other restrictions.

      What restrictions? Hedge funds have been shorting at NYSE and buying at Taipei to gain the spreads. Can I do that, too?

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      What Lee is doing is forming a new party to dilute DDP's vote and allow Lien to lure back the core Chinese vote. Lien was a Lau-Tai when he was a student at U. of Chicago. As a matter of fact, he was on the black list for a period of time. Think about it. Why would Lau-Tai Lee Tung-Huei pick him over Song.

      Lien is sing a new tune : Commonwealth. That is suggesting Taiwan is an independent country because different independent countries form Commonwealth like UK and Canada. Lien actually taking Lee's China-Taiwan = two Country policy a step further out.

      Lien is trying to fool people that he broke with Lau-Tai Lee so he can suck away the Chinese vote from Song.

      Don't be fooled by KMT.

      I predict that those New party losers and KMT will work together trying to bring down Song. They may go as far as suggesting Song surrounding himself with Taiwanese politician and never publicly proclaim his goal of reunification.

      Just watch Bothway, Asshore and Atan. Remember where you see this prediction first.

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