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  • songsuckdick songsuckdick Aug 8, 2001 7:01 PM Flag

    what a joke !!!


    What Lee is doing is forming a new party to dilute DDP's vote and allow Lien to lure back the core Chinese vote. Lien was a Lau-Tai when he was a student at U. of Chicago. As a matter of fact, he was on the black list for a period of time. Think about it. Why would Lau-Tai Lee Tung-Huei pick him over Song.

    Lien is sing a new tune : Commonwealth. That is suggesting Taiwan is an independent country because different independent countries form Commonwealth like UK and Canada. Lien actually taking Lee's China-Taiwan = two Country policy a step further out.

    Lien is trying to fool people that he broke with Lau-Tai Lee so he can suck away the Chinese vote from Song.

    Don't be fooled by KMT.

    I predict that those New party losers and KMT will work together trying to bring down Song. They may go as far as suggesting Song surrounding himself with Taiwanese politician and never publicly proclaim his goal of reunification.

    Just watch Bothway, Asshore and Atan. Remember where you see this prediction first.

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      What did I say Bothway, Asshore and Atan ???

      • 1 Reply to songsuckdick
      • kiss my what ,you know WHAT.

        i still don't understand why taiwan can not be
        independent,those sb crying for over 400 years.
        what a shame.

        those sb fuck with spainish ,they forget to do it
        they fuck with holland ,then they forget it again.
        they fuck with britain,then they forget again.
        they fuck with jap,they thought they are jap,
        they forget again.

        sixty years ago 228 sb being killed ,they scared to do it.

        eight years ago, dirty lee was appointed to be president,he still scared.

        now abian is busy fucking with his sec. he still forget.

        hi ,taiwanes,you are hopeless.

        i am waiting it to happen for 40 years,tell
        me why. said 23 million people want indenpent.
        2.dirty lee and dirty abain are taiwanese,arn't they?
        3.why still USING "ROC",tell me what you scare.

        my answer is TAIWANESE "MO LAN PA"

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