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  • dsp_man dsp_man Aug 11, 2001 2:49 PM Flag

    Re: the murderous Chinese...

    >> Do you know who was in the driver seat?

    Answer: People of Taiwan.

    WIthout KMT, we would be 10 times better now.

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    • see,you understand what i said.
      that's very good at the beginning.

      i don't know who is shirley lu,is she pure lotus,ibm,vp alain. <she will cost me a lot.>
      i belive you ,and i will need a lot of 'spanish butterfly' to help me.
      "money" doesn't meant a thing to me.i'll be o.k. i will pay YOU $64 plus $228.if you need more
      my father jap will give you be dirty lee or dirty beared chang will give me a hand.

      hey ,i am glad we do have something in common.
      i like to fuck da lu mei or "amei" too.
      you said "'mountain girl' are very cheap" ,is that true? don't fool me this time,everybody know atan is a very honest and decent man.

      "my doughter" - i don't have one ,i only have
      "gan mei mei",he is abain's secertary,she said,
      gee,abain's middle finger is real hard,he is really mo-lan-par,but he is wu-lan-dan.
      there is only one question left:
      how do you know you father abain's thing is
      very hard,does he stick his hard middle finger
      up to your "asshole".

      please ! next time,don't call yourself "asshole"
      it's a nasty name,in this board,we like 'peace'

      we should do exactly ibm vp alain does today.
      'knock the peace bell'-bring pease to "ROT"
      'knock the peace bell'-bring jap back home.
      'knock the peace bell'-"ROT" people long life.
      'knock the peace bell'-songdicksucker is a real "ROT"
      'knock the peace bell'-get ride of abain,elect alain.
      'knock the peace bell'-songdicksucker be vp of "ROT".

      'knock the peace one more time'-
      Republic Of Taiwan long,long life. amen.

    • Asshole, No wonder this Shirley Lu is acting this way. She has your gene. Having sex with her ?? How much you will pay me ? I doubt you can afford it.

      I fuck Da Lu Mei or ROT or "real Taiwanese" as long as they are gooding foxy ladies. Your daughter ? That will cost you.

      Arbian Mo-Lan Par ?? I like that. How can he funck his secretary if he does not have Lan-Par ? I know it is hard. Please try to think once in a while, Infected Penis.

    • "dpp's secretory beared chang".
      i am very concern his health,i heard he is going to get a bypass heart surgery.
      Who is this guy ? Tell him to drop dead see if I care.

      Lee wanted to go to Japan just to make China jump. Opreation is just an excuse and only Song saw through all these crap and that is why you don't hear hear him say anything ? The NP people are just too dump !

      You want to have the defacto Republic of Taiwan but you don't declair it and you do not have to close the door to "reunfication" if China can improve its economy and change its political system. That is why Song does not talked about near term re-unification but he also does not want Taiwan to take an "anti-China" position either.

      You dump assholes are just too stupid to appreciate him.

    • wowgone:
      sondicksucker told me two good news daugher pure lotus alian have sex with
      songdicksucker in his back yard. alain like
      to 'we ann" you,that's 'excellendo'.
      2. he likes to "tongue shit taiwan" very much.

      i added another good news to him.
      he like to fuck "ROT' people even more.

      finally let's shout our slogan one more time

      "jap are wu lan par,rot are mo lan par"
      "alain is wu lan par,abain is mo lan par"

      songdicksucker,i like your slogan very,very much.

    • I do not have a trailer and but there is a woman in my yard having sex with my neighbor's dog.

      The bad news part is that she is your daughter. Now the good news part. The police came and arrested her. She won't be able to embarrass you for a while now.

    • songdicksucker:
      i know you understand.
      and i know you are happy what i posted.
      by the way what about your best friend
      "dpp's secretory beared chang".
      i am very concern his health,i heard he is going to get a bypass heart surgery.
      you better tell him to listen to your father dirty jap lee said "go to japen ","taiwan's doc know nothing" ,and "taiwan's hospital are very 'dark'"
      he is the asset for Republic Of Taiwan.

      THANK GOD.

    • Read what you wrote before you post. You are not not achieving what you want if people can not understand you. Although as dump as you are, as long as you take your time and I think you can manage to express yourself.


      ArQ, do you understand what Dr. Chang is saying ??

    • Destoried Stupid Person,hanjee,
      songdicksucker,and all mixed blood:

      songdicksucker said:
      <<Actually Japs killed more Taiwanese when they invaded Taiwan. Read some history.

      You loser think it is tough now ?? Wait another 6 months. Song will fix you loser good.>>

      i think you guy share the same view of songdicksucker.right? you have any other things to do ?
      since last election you guy and you father dirty abain think about election every min.
      but who care about the result.everybody jsut enjoy
      the so called "taiwanese style demorcat"

      2. i am glad to hear that you are happy and
      enjoy the fact that songdicksucker indicated.
      how many taiwanese sucker had been killed ,you didn't tell me.i hope more than 1 million as you like.
      thoes sb deserved to be kill. i think we share the same view (that's for sure)

      if you can tell me more about how dirty lee's brother kill taiwanese ,it will make me
      more happier. thanks in advance.

      hi, buddy ,you made a big,big mistake ,check the
      new jap history book , they didn't "INVADED"
      the facts are
      1.taiwanese wellcome them. and taiwanese proudly provided "we an" women for them.
      2. they just "IN-AND-OUT" taiwan,just like abain "in-and-out" his sec.

      i hope you are happy one more time.
      i can make you more happier later.
      see you soon.

    • Hey, dicksucker, better call home immediately.

      Your trailer is on fire and wife is having sex with your neighbor's Japanese dog on the grass in the front yard. Shit, she is sucking a dog dick better than you usually do. My goodness, she even shouts, "Taiwan Independence Ten Thousand Years Old", when she is sucking the dog dick. Everyone is watching.

      ---- abien

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      These Lao-Tais have some brain cell. It will be Arbian vs Song in next election.

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