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  • snafu1949 snafu1949 Sep 17, 2012 11:41 PM Flag

    Why is anyone still in CORN?

    I don't want anyone to take this as a smart #$%$ post. I took my profits from CORN about a month ago because I believed that the upward momentum was stalling out and my investment would become dead money. I immediately invested into gold and silver and will ride that rising tide for awhile. I can't time markets worth a crap and was wondering if someone could tell me why they think CORN is still a good investment. Looks to me like its going sideways with a high probabilty of going lower.

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    • Technically gold and silver are much stronger than corn. Unclear if corn is forming a base at $46-48. Nothing wrong with taking profits after the big run. Nothing wrong with loading up at $46-48 and see what happens with stop losses around $44-45 and possible run above $50.00.

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