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  • papadelivers papadelivers Oct 14, 2003 10:16 PM Flag

    Out with John....

    Last week in Kansas city The largest franchisees in the papa family held a meeting to discuss the future of the franchise community. Now I was not there but I was told that They big dogs in the franchise part of the company(Wade, Frank, and so on) sent John a letter to let him know that they are dissatisfied with the way he is running the company and that he should move aside and let someone else try and turn the company around. They also told him that with food cost riseing from the more portions on the pizza promos and the lousey marketing campaign that they have no future if he stays on board. Has anyone else heard this or is my info not up to speed. I did get it from a francisee that has numorous stores.

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    • So the franc. do not want to spend the time fighting for the company that John built. Fat and Happy for 17 years and now they need to really work for their mony the last 3? From what I can see John may not make the best decisions, however he seems to be one of the only one's from this group that really cares about the futur of the company and not just his wallet. Yes PJ's needs a CEO, yes better marketing, yes improved comps. But the fact remains that PJ's is better because of their product quality, the focus and John. Just look at all the key indicators, #1 in all major catagorys the last 3 years in the choice in chains surveys, with a huge lead in customer satisfaction. Nuff Said, John stays, lazy franc. group goes. Buy them out John, I mean after all they put out the worst pizza's anyways and have the highest neg comps. So who cares now?????

    • you are correct

    • You stirred things up. How much information do you have on the subject? I am courious.Thats a pretty big market for PJ. Frank C. Use to be a big dog, does he still have all those markets?

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      • Well hopefully I did stir things up. Having been with Papa for a long time in a corporate setting and now with a franchise, I have seen the best of times and the worst of times. I got this info from an owner that attended this conference in Kansas city. The only question is John going to listen to the people in the field or will he continue to wear blinders and continue in the same direction we have been headed for years now. John was a great owner when we were small, now it is time for him to go and play golf and spend time with family. He is done like dinner. But beforte he goes he has to get rid of the dead weight he brought into this company. Mike Cortino is a major problem, sure the bottom line looks good but there is no where else to get money from, he has taken everything from everybody. Now get rid of the good old boys and start fresh. My prediction for this company is that it will continue to go down until John and his team are gone and fresh faces done the halls at the headquarters...

    • From what I heard Frank Carney is sucking wind along with the rest of the PJ in California. Stores closed and Little Caesars moved into their locatiions.The old PJ America group is hiring all over the company.Hiring management personel for pennies. Chicago closing more stores. East coast franchees are neg on neg big time. I get alot of info to pass along stay tuned.

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