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  • papapaapa papapaapa Dec 28, 1999 10:09 AM Flag


    Rev/EPS increasing, market share increasing,
    expanding into foriegn countries, superior product over the
    competitors and no debt. All trading for under 15x earnings.

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    • A few weeks ago you were "backing up the truck"
      to buy another 100 shares at either 29+ or 25+, I
      can't remember which level. Although I do recall that
      you liked buying it at 37, the low thirties, 29ish,
      at 25 and again at 21-22.

      Now you have
      acquired THOUSANDS of shares at the EXACT

      Sounds to me like PZZA's management isn't
      the only one with a credibility problem!

    • But I am more optimistic than you. In my opinion,
      I agree that NPCI is underpriced now and I expect
      it should rebound and hit $12 by late Feb. $15 by
      The Repurchasing Program indicates that the
      management has faith on their business and they want to buy
      back shares when it is "CHEAP" now.

    • NPCI is presently undergoing an image change from
      a drab-pizza rest. to a bright- lots of tile, high
      dollar furniture- dine in rest. The franchizee's (700+
      STORES)have lots to gain by re-imaging their stores. It would
      appear that the average store ( after reimage ) will
      double revenues within 12 mos. of comlpetition. NPCI has
      incorporated a gameroom into most of the new stores . The kids
      are going "nuts" over the playland. The change of
      menu to include subs will also help bottom

      This stock is underpriced at $8/sh. It is my opinion
      that NPCI should be at $12 by 4/2000 -$16 by 7/2000
      and $22 by 12/2000.
      Note: There is no competition
      post the reimaging process for high quality

      Note: I am stockholder and biased regarding this stock.
      Research indicates this stock as a strong buy between $8
      and $10 /sh. Good Luck.

    • we will all know for sure especially since NPCI
      executives made no comments when questioned about their
      recent numbers. NPCI makes up maybe a tenth of the
      domestic Pizza Huts and if one wants to guage how Pizza
      Hut the franchisor is doing based on them, I guess
      that is one way to look at it. I however feel they are
      going to post some pretty strong numbers again this
      year, come Feb. Just my opinion.

    • Touched 25 today that is 7% increase. Tomorrow it
      should follow the trend for another 2% i.e. 25 1/2. Hmmm
      not so good. I need it to go up to 30. Looks like I
      gotta wait for 2000. Made some money yesterday in Ncss.
      Gave a handsome profit of 20% in about three days. But
      80 percent of my money is tied in here and unless
      this junk moves to at least 27 I can't get out. At
      least now we know people are noticing that its cheap.

    • If Pizza Hut is doing so great, why is their
      largest franchisee posting negative SSS?

      YUM is
      increasing earnings because they are shifting to a higher
      margin model by selling most of their restuarants to
      franchisees. They are worth holding for that and the global
      strength of their brands, but they are not making any
      gains in US market share.

    • eom

    • How much money ya got? I would bet that Pizza Hut SSS will be signficantly more than Pzza or NPCI. Based on everything I have read, Pizza Hut is having a great year.

    • the General assures you. He holds you and your
      all-too-infrequent comments here in the highest regard.

      General has no one else to blame but himself for his
      masochistic inclination to try to follow this thread. Every
      once in a while a familiar "fresh breath of air"
      passes through here and the old 'Ripper is stopped from
      going into his office's private lavatory to "freshen

      Probably never thought of yourself as a life-saver, did
      you, takeitfromme? The General wishes you and yours
      the best in the New Year.

    • People need to realize that these SSS are still
      positive. NPCI, Pizza Hut's largest franchisee, reported
      not to long ago that their SSS are going to be
      NEGATIVE. Lower SSS numbers appear to be an industry wide

      YUM's numbers are going to be very
      important to deciding how bad PZZA's numbers really are. If
      YUM's Pizza Hut SSS as a whole are positive, PZZA is
      probably losing market share. My bet is that Pizza Hut's
      SSS will be similiar to NPCI, though.

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