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  • smokingtea2003 smokingtea2003 Jun 3, 2008 8:40 PM Flag

    Cramer Observations & Questions

    Wow, I never realized people felt so strongly about Cramer. Time for my two cents.

    I would suggest that you continue to watch his show. He does give some really good ideas and if you are a newbie, you will learn a lot of investing fundamentals and analysis. Having said that, never buy a stock based solely on his pitch. Also, never buy a stock he likes until you watch it for a few weeks, monitor how the price moves, get familiar with its particular story and its sector story. Most importantly, the reason for buying the stock has to make sense to you, regardless of what other people are saying. FWIW - I have made a lot of money using his ideas (not always his stocks, clearly he got DSX wrong).

    Regarding DE...I'm guessing you bought it as an ag play since this is how Cramer was touting it. I think it is a good long-term story (FYI - I DON'T own DE). All you have to do is read the U.N. story today. It did get smacked around a little due to the earnings report, but these are short-term problems (raw materials costs & building sector). Since the earnings report, they have increase their dividend & stock buy back plan, announced the acquisition of an irrigation/water management company and is expanding its capacity of harvesting equipment. Point is, the story and reason you probably bought the stock is still there and has not changed.

    Hope I don't piss too many people off with my view regarding Cramer.

    PS - If you do watch the show - ignore the lightening round. Nothing good ever comes from it.

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    • I don't see any problem with any of your response. I've decided it all swings like a pendulum and the thumper might be Cramer or the guy next door or a hairdresser or the gal at Kroger's that gets the thing shooting skyward or crashing to the depths of despair. All of that changes on another rumor or maybe an analyst with gas. Who knows. Simple enough .. I can learn from anything or anyone. I listened to a little of his show tonight and heard a couple of things that were useful. Sometimes I learn what I want and sometimes I learn what I don't want. Both are knowledge.

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