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  • miketemes miketemes Apr 13, 2013 7:11 PM Flag

    well will audio fess up an finally admit has been wrong for the last 12 month. He has never given the buy signal only sell

    the stock was in the 6's and he said dont buy. He will be a perma bear. Sometimes stock prices move before fundamentals and that is what we are seeing. All the other shippers are pretty much in the toilet DRYS included. Only DSX has really moved up and is holding. The market is behind this stock now and does not care what the earnings at in 2013. They are looking 2014 and 2015. A little profit in 2014 following by better 2015 earnings and so far is all that matters,

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    • How do you figure earnings in 2015 will be better when the two charters expire about then which essentially carry DSX each quarter now that almost all the other good ones have gone? They are likely to see $80k per day less for those ships since the rates for Capes are not likely be strong at that time since 250-300 more will be added to the fleet.

      Scrapping is tailing off for them as fewer elderly vessels are around any more in that class. And with the surge in Eco orders, it could actually be worse then than now.

      Remember, that $80k per day comes directly out of the net income. Taking $7.36 MILLION out of the net earnings which are negative already from depreciation will not bode well for the stock.

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      • It’s quite enough to say that my message didn’t tell that 2015 earnings will be better than 2012. It said that 2014/15 re-chartering of ships with current charters made in 2012 can provide improvement to earning situation. Do you want to argue against this?

        By the way, if you compare that 2 cape charters with recent (2013) re-chartering, then the difference is 75K, not 80K and most observers say that rates will be higher in 2015 than now. Listen, I even saw one guy (moniker goes something like audio…) on another shipping board (DRYS) telling that shipping will improve in 2015.

        It should be also noted that DSX currently has 12-15 ships with charters below current rates (i.e. ones announced for most recent re-chartering events). It creates certain potential for improvement. 5K improvement per ship in 2015 is not something to dismiss easily and if it happens then the whole tragic event (2015 re-charter of two capes) can disappear.

    • audios on the DHT board too. Audio is a perma bear and doesnt have the faintest idea of risk reward or any financial workings. He just says rates are going down blah blah blah...

    • What a load of bull.
      The last of the really good charters on Capes come to an end in 2014, and early 2015.
      There will be several more years of lousy charter rates ahead.

      You're just another clown, in a long line of them, that keep claiming that "Next year, rates will be better.""
      But Capes and Panas are going to have lousy charters for years.
      Another 7.6 million dwt. have been ordered in the first three months of this year.
      You permabulls have been wrong for 4 years, and you will continue to try to cheer each other up with your same old bull.
      The market drove DSX up because a bunch of TV talking heads did the same thing they do every year.
      They see a seasonal rally, and call it a bottom.
      The market will care about earnings eventually. The talking heads don't even know about it yet.

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      • Lisavargas,

        Can you accept, at least, that at some point in future rate will improve? So far most analysts (I don’t talk about TV shows) expect turnaround in 2014. Basically, is this industry cyclical or not? What is your opinion?

        Regarding “lousy charters”, it depends on definition. DSX made few charters this year; numbers are not stellar, but they are not disastrous either. These charters generate cash, while many peer companies burn cash getting closer to bankruptcy thus potentially decreasing sector capacity.

        By the way, in 2014-15 DSX will be able to re-charter, besides couple high cape charters, bunch of low charters made last year. What if 2014/15 rates are better than they were in 2012? It can bring some improvement.

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