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  • vort2 vort2 Mar 13, 2009 1:27 PM Flag

    The Cheerleaders

    Mesa has loyal cheerleaders. Because of this, they probably would keep buying even if Mesa was declaring imminent BK, or delisting tommorow. Thanks to the cheerleaders, who'll keep buying more they have a loyal support level here. They think management is doing a great job, etc.

    JO and Mesa should award these folks. In no particular order. (sorry if I forgot anyone) Here we go:
    "remember this stock traded $23.00 its .05 cents.mmmm interesting thats why you perople are here right for the money..go mesa"

    " already have $200.00 profit.Tommorrow my profit is $500.00.Nest Year is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ "

    "No risk , No gain It's much much cheaper than a lotery ticket but chance is much better."
    "How much you can afford to bet, not even 4 cents ?"

    "Good potential for a 10 bagger from here...jmho."

    "Mesa has made profits in the latest quarter benefited from lower oil prices, and book value per share of $ 4.28 and the excellent quality of its assets (planes) and, therefore, recommended that an economic advisor to the group of Saudi investors to acquire the largest amount permitted by the law of the shares of the company and its long-term financial investment and I buy this for my confidence News
    In technical analysis of shares, we find that the first resistance 0.13 and 0.56 second goal"

    "MESA it will trade about 1 buck plus by july to december, the hold market is control by the crooks. "
    "Buy all you can kids 1 to 5 years from
    now MESA will be 1 to 5 bucks , one thing for sure is a lott bargain on stock prices today, but MESA is a real steal."

    Continuing with the Cheerleaders...

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    • ok,ill say im sorry for thinking you was.hope you keep making money.

    • Yeah right, everyone is using this message board to determine their investment strategy. They saw the cheerleaders on here and that triggered 6 million shares to be traded! Get out of fantasy land dude!

    • hey volt,you can talk about me if you doesnt bother the last 8 days God has blessed me to make 13-14k.

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      • Who said that the cheerleaders were bad? I didn't. I said they support the company/management no matter what, which is a good thing for this stock. A lot of companies the shareholders would be hopping mad over what's happened, and be holding shareholder lawsuits. The stock should not go down much more unless it went totally delisted, or bankrupt, cause of the support. I've said that already. Plus I'm just quoting word for word what people are saying. So form your own opinions. Don't worry about me either. I don't have Mesa, not short, not long. Doing real well in this market.

    • don't forget the biggest cheerleader, "mesabepoppin"

    • More Cheerleaders that need to be recognized for their undying support:

      "mesa is under valued.....but the fools selling @ low prices is whats screwing this stock...the ask price should b a $1... "

      "exactly a year from now it may hit in the dollar r ange"
      "you are a moron use simple math when you buy at four cents and it hits six its a big profit noone said it will be a dollar"
      "mesa is the goldmine the stock will jump up 1000% easily"
      "The case is probably going to be finished in two weeks. Cant wait!!!"
      "lol be afraid. You must be shorting this stock like mauilover how much have you lost so far? This stock is only going up from here."

      "MESA! POPPIN' FOR 20S!! poppinbackagain! $$"
      "MESA DUE FOR POPPIN' BIG!$$$$$ poppinbackagain!"

      "Yes, obviously there is a lot of upside, but only a nickel of downside. So when it returns to$23, my tiny investment will be worth billions. lol "

      "I mean what stock can you possibly buy that has as much potential as this little guy? Nice little profitable airline. You have an opportunity to earn 1000% here verses losing your retirement in any stock in the Dow. C'mon! Give me a sure thing from the big boys? You risk a downside of 60 to 70% daily with only 10 or 15% upside, if that. Nope. This little guy can keep on dominating its space, turning a nice profit, and I'll take my 1000 percent gain and be grateful! My best to you all! "

      "Please show us where MESA has produced a paper profit in the past oh boring POS."
      "Ok, let's hit the board with all sorts of made-up negatives so people will share their shares."

      I'll bet you know it's actually neither . . . but you're an instigator with no valuable info to offer, ever. The possibility of delisting only existed when they did not file their 10-K on time. They filed it on 01/13/09, so delisting is not an issue. The 1.00 minimum price to continue listed on the Nasdaq has been suspended for some time now due to market conditions. Therefore, Mesa will not be delisted for its nickel share price.THERE IS NO DELISTING FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE. CAN WE PLEASE PUT THIS QUESTION TO REST?! "

      "mesa will FLY..."
      "I Just spoke with Lynn in IR "

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      • coolwalt55:
        "MESA days is comming we will fly this week, look at AIG,FNM,FRE,C,ARE IS COMMING."

        "Are day is comming MESA will move up soon or lather is way under value. "

        What about delisiting? "Maybe or maybe not. If they do, it's not necessarily a bad thing anymore."

        "I must admit despite the fact that I am not a fan of this company this may be the biggest mistake you've ever made,if I was in your place I would have bought mush more shares when they were at $ 0.04 today you would be a winner instead of a loser.
        I advise you to follow a few lessons in how you trade the market otherwise I fear that your last savings will disappear like snow in the sun. "

        "Actually the Regionals are mostly profitable and have been since 2000, that is the ones who are working on a fee per departure basis. SKYW is a strong solid company that basically has the same business model as MESA, SKYW has never lost money this decade! The only difference is they have a much smarter management team who dont take stupid risks like Johnny O that have resulted in the fiasco that was MESA last year. Hoping now he wise's up and see's that SKYW is succesful by doing the right thing and tries to emulate that...fee per departure guarantee a profit as long as dipshyts like J/O dont squander on wasted lawsuits and stupid business decisions, here is to hopinh he learned his lesson."

        "With this kind of volume and high interest in mesa.over .50 cents in no time..$$$$$$ watch and learn boys..... "

        "come on poppin,pump it like crazy.go to others bords.i would like to see this get a real pop of 50% or up hugh on hayz but still down for the year.doing ok on this but if mesa went up 3 cents and hayz goes up .04 ill be ahead for the year.come on i dont pump but am think it would work. "

      • Mesa WILL be delisted when it drops to 0.00. Simple as that!

      • lol I like the "I just spoke to lynn" bits the most...

        good post.