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  • trpperdave trpperdave Oct 4, 2010 7:36 PM Flag


    If you look at most of the prior threads and read through them you will see a pattern.
    Hawaiian Cookie and Maui constantly posting. They both say they do not own any shares nor have any financial interest in the security. Maui is here for research and to post mostly negative comments with an apparant negative twist to just about anything that comes up. Why he needs an audience is a mystery to us all, since he knows everything (LMAO). Haw is just a twisted loser that likes to play with his parents computer. Watch, he will most likely post some quick witted retort to this post.
    They both spend way to much time on a financial thread to only be here for the reasons they have stated.
    Their posts should only be read for your own amusement.
    Obviously this stock is trading at sub .02 cents per share and has a POR out that says all current shareholders will get wiped out, so if you own the stock and are here, you are taking a huge gamble, so to have them bash is comical IMHO.

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    • agreed, prolly a couple of ex employees hatin

    • Trapper,

      Thank you very much...I >>am< here for entertainment, and if it is "comical" then perhaps, perchance, someone else finds this board, and my ramblings, good amusement all the better.

      As for your characterizations I'll give you 1/3 ("twisted"-ok, "loser"- not with my net worth; "parents computer"-ummm, both dead so a tad hard to access that in the next dimension).

      Thanks again for the opportunity to indulge myself, and for your honest and straightforward characterization of future profit potential here.

      So, if I trip over you while trolling TINYCHAT say "Aardvark" and I'll keep your secret safe.