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  • chartmancommeth44 chartmancommeth44 Apr 9, 2010 4:17 PM Flag

    GENT thoughts on price movement

    No end of day drop........extremely bullish for Monday...

    Any correction on Tue or Wed will be fairly shallow (notice I didn't say a correction on Monday because I believe Monday will be another up day). Huge support at 4.88 area, I think that's our new bottom in this channel. My guess is we gap up a bit on Monday and then it's anyones guess how high we go. Could test todays high or could just consolidate a bit. I'm willing to bet a lot of the momentum traders sold in the last hour today, they never hold overnight, and especially through a weekend…considering that fact GENT held it's ground, found it's support at that 4.88 area and moved higher in the face of day traders taking their profits..GENT is performing flawlessly in respect to an up move…this is a textbook move higher and It's definetly not over yet. 5.88 will be hit next week at some point, and if we drive through it we'll be seeing mid 7's, however…. it is my hope we drift back to 5.88-6.00 area and consolidate there, which is my guess. These are just my thoughts on what GENT will do based on 10-11 years trading and from what I've seen before in similar stocks...

    Good luck folks

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