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  • johndoelcc johndoelcc Apr 15, 2010 4:40 PM Flag

    The Best SHORTING candidate for me


    Now here's what I am going to do folks...tomorrow when this thing rises in the morning, a lot of us are going to look at GENT and say "too bad shortie" or hows your shorting candidate doing now he he he???

    exactly then (between $5.50 - $5.75, higher the better) I will short GENT, thats SHORT at mid - high $5s.

    and then we take care of our short the week after. I am looking at all the technicals of GENT and yes, the incredible bullish move its had (bravo GENT bravo), but at these levels, I fail to believe people are buying anywhere in the $5s. Wow, some brave really brave souls out there.

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    • And this is coming from the guy that thinks ABK is a good investment for the long term....

      Wow....just wow..

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      • And you know for sure that ABK is not a sure thing for the long run??? You got divine foresight I guess. LMAO

        Here is somethin that you may find interesting: In the last few days while ABK was going UP & then DOWN, I made over $1500 on it. It may not sound like a lot of money compared to what other people make, but if I tell you how little my capital investment was, you will be surely amazed. lets just say my return was excellent in the SHORT Term.

        and yes I do believe ABK in the long run. You think a big drop for a day or two is a reason not to believe in it????

        Same goes for GENT. In the long run this may be a great thing to hold, but for the short term, well you just wait & see my friend