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  • thanks_bones thanks_bones Mar 28, 2013 8:59 PM Flag

    Hey jmfc55 October 20, 2000 adjusted close $87,847.20

    What else can I do for you fool.

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    • You, sir, do not understand that that is not the "recorded price" on that day. So, here's what I want you to do. Click on the "Historical Prices", just between the "Summary" and "interactive Chart" just above the "Advanced Search", find October 20, 2000 and find the "Recorded" close of the day. It was right around $74, not $87,000. The adjusted close means absolutely nothing when figuring out the worth of a stock or company. The only reason that the adjusted close says $87,000 is because there have been so many stock splits. The only reason there have been so many stock splits is because Bianca is a thief and a liar and you are a tool if you think differently and that you will actually make money off this POS stock. Go through the entire Historical Prices list and see the pattern, from the beginning, of how the stock has continually gone down in value only to be jacked up by a stock split. Because this guy does not know how to run a company. But he does know how to separate you from your hard earned money. He did it before and he will do it again. Now he has his hand out for another $15mil. If this company is doing so well, why would he need more money for R/D?

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Wrong! CTIC has real revenue slowly trickling in from sales in the EU, the street doesn't expect it to be anything huge for the near-term (that's why the stock hasn't really "pop") despite the drug approval in the EU. The street wants CTIC to prove it's making progression in $$$ figures and potentially Q2 report will show that; however, if you wait after their earnings release, this stock will be north of $3. Don't forget....2015 is a pivotal year as they will be filing a NDA. I see a stock price around $8 - 10 around that time. IMHO.

      • Wow jmfc55 you just proved how stupid you really are. You Sir...are the one confused. Geez

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