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  • rob85326 Aug 29, 2013 1:19 AM Flag

    For JJ and Long-time CTIC Investors

    JJ. . . .

    I have always loved your posts! I’m a long time investor in CTIC (bought 1200 shares in October of 2000, so have a little over 70K invested).

    JJ, let me just say that your posts have always been insightful, charming, and witty -- that’s what endears you to readers on this board. Don’t let other posters discourage you. I also miss Bones. Bones, brought a frantic exuberance to this board unmatched by any other poster (like a Chihuahua locked out of a pen full of Labradors in heat). Those posts from the good old days were much preferred over the drivel that’s been clogging this message board of late.

    Longs . . .

    Everyone needs to stay positive. Although the stock is down right now, (~$1.10), the wise investor does not sell in a down market, and I haven’t lost a dime. There is good precedent for a stock regaining its original value. As an example, I submit PCYC, which was trading at over $75 in 2000 and then dropped to under $0.80 in 2009. Now, many foolish or impatient investors sold, but since then PCYC has regained ALL of its original value (ie, trading at ~$110 now) without even getting a drug approved. I expect exactly the same thing to happen to CTIC, except to regain my original value, I’m starting higher (at ~$1.10), and only need to get to $62, and to make this easier, CTIC has an approved drug.

    Best wishes to all longs. Please continue to post, stay positive, and ignore the message board negativity. This is no time to abandon ship!

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    • I had trouble posting on this new format and sold all my shares at a huge loss, but I must say the money lost was worth the fun I had on this board. Sort of a computer virtual reality game. Bones was the fastest poster knocking out the bashers 10-1. The picture you paint of him on a keyboard is accurate. Then we have that vodka swigging Russia and his 300 id's. He did have a terrific grasp of the English language and could write quite eloquently. However I didn't like when he tried to extricate himself by posting about that Stockholm Syndrome, and then there was the problem of that gold digging wife of his. Ace the stalker living in a Texas trailer park, Nick the magic chef still preparing artistic meals for the rich and famous and still spying on my posts :):). All the aspirin I used when Doublethunder posted or that obnoxious gay twit Pickerbottom. Most of them gone now, sad but we can't go back.

      I wish you and the others the best of luck and hope CTIC will eventually come in big for you. Only advice: if they do another reverse split, sell before the split, then buy back in later ( after the split) when the price drops down.

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      • That wasn't very nice Jeanne?

        You know you hurt me deeply this time Jay I don't think I'll ever recover from this remark and all I've done is love you from day one.

        Acey Wacey......sniff.sniff

      • rob85326 Sep 1, 2013 4:09 PM Flag

        And the Brady bunch was firing on all 6 cylinders (Carol, Marcia, Jan, Cindy, Bobby, and Greg). Now, we have just an occasional misfire from Cindy (and sometimes Bobby). The Russia era was the golden age for this message board -- whipped right into shape once the veil of anonymity was removed. Was it Rocko cowering under the prospect that a few of his posts might be shared with his wife, or was it his Pastor? The “colorful” language was replaced with a repentant tone almost instantly (although intimidation did not work so well with Donpro, as I recall). Now that said, I do think that Russia will come to regret how he “exited” the board. Personally, I count among my biggest regrets those times when I’ve shown callous disregard for the genuine feelings of another person.

        With respect to the message board, I agree that it’s best to reminisce about the good times, not try to recreate them. Grudgingly, I’ve come to accept this board for what it is now– good only for a laugh (like the pharmaceutical company it represents).

      • Ace the stalker living in a Texas trailer park,

        That Idiopt is one dert bag that smells from high heaven....Phew wee.......Gawd is Ace an psycho from lower the pits of Texas.


      • Nick the magic chef still preparing artistic meals for the rich and famous and still spying on my posts:):)

        Thank you Jeanne you have such a kind heart that's why I fell in love with you in the git-go on this message board,I miss all the text's late at night and funny things you would say.I'm still holding what little shares remain I'll let my CPA tell me when to sell so that I'll stay in poverty on paper...wink.wink....doing quite well though but on paper looks like living under section 8,receiving state and federal hand-outs while living high on the hog.Good to hear from you darling you know I do adore you after all these years?

        Ps....Tell Ace I said hi if you hear from him?After Sandy we're still recovering....later

        Nicholas Borghi.....the Spaniel....bark.bark

    • muxnio Aug 30, 2013 6:06 PM Flag

      rob -
      Why don't you buy now - it would bring down that high basis and enable you to break even sooner. Have you bought at these prices?

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      • rob85326 Sep 5, 2013 1:19 AM Flag

        Should I buy at these prices? Why yes, that thought has crossed my mind . . . . in fact, every time the pps hovers around a new all time low I ask myself that very question (and believe me, I’ve asked it many, many times). Now, the first time it happened I eagerly logged into ETRADE, checked available funding, and then crafted a huge purchase order. I carefully checked the overall market condition, real time stock quote and double checked the order to make sure conditions were perfect. I accurately positioned the mouse pointer over the bright purple “Place Order” button beckoning me from the screen. I felt the smooth plastic surface of the mouse button beneath my index finger, closed my eyes, and then . . . . . . . . . . . .
        A flash of inspiration! – WAIT A BIT. Reluctantly, I rolled my mouse away from the button, exited ETRADE, and then, after some time had elapsed, rechecked the pps. Sure enough, and even better buying opportunity presented itself. I repeated the exact same process, over and over, without ever buying a single additional share. In fact, this summer I calculated all of the money I saved by not following through with that initial click, and then used it to finance a nice relaxing vacation. Does that answer your question?

    • muxnio Aug 30, 2013 5:22 PM Flag


    • my story...
      Purchased heavy on June 2009 @ $1.22 please help me to stay positive

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