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  • time2teachkidz time2teachkidz Mar 14, 2009 12:44 PM Flag

    CC cancelled Monday

    Will the market take a dim look at NN cancelling the conference call? Do you think NN's results will be worse than first expected?

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    • tightlinesnfreshtracks tightlinesnfreshtracks Mar 15, 2009 10:42 PM Flag

      Livin...As far as the tick up...We will get a nice one this year as soon as one of the folks in the "ivory tower" slide some chips on the table...aka insider transaction...Still looking for it sometime soon once all information becomes public and the SEC regs allow it...

      Oh auditors...Keep digging...Keep scarying...Who knows what is on their Eastern European Books???

      Just kidding! Management at NNBR has historically been straight as an arrow...

      Accumulate...Look for Christmas as a 10fer in a few years when the economy starts moving in the right direction versus contraction...

      Always love Christmas...

      Dang auditors...Such a pain...


    • tight - love that attitude! But wonder about the timing of the tick up as far as your trading shares.

      If you buy at 85 you should get your first double by year end if President O starts talking more positive and GM sells a few cars. But we might not see a major recovery for far longer.

      And for short term trades, if the volume picks up this might be a good trade on a regular basis. Cycles of double digit percentage are wonderful for the wise and agile. But you might consider holding a position of some sort for this could pop up without warning. All it will take is one new investment house establihing a sizable new position and we are off.

      I also do not expect this to explode on the up side in the next few months. But I expect that those who are buying now will get in on a very possible ten-fer before this is over.

      Again as we all know this is all IMHO and I still sing jingle bells over this christmas gift at NNBR under $5. What a country!


    • Time, I have no idea. What do you think. You day/swing trading this thing. This is a low volume stock that has been crushed. It was not expensive when it was at 15 in a "normal" economy. Can we get back to half that? I think so. Will people buy cars in the future? I think so.

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      • I don't think this stock will go above 1.50 anytime within the next 6-9 months. The company is trying to do th right things. They isn't any excitment in this stock because every company they sale to is down too. When people start making major purchases it will rise. I hope everyone knows that this weeks rise in the market is a little bubble, were not out of the woods and won't be for a long time. I think next year it will be a 3-5 dollar stock, especially if they put the div back. In two to three years we'll have a 7-10 dollar stock. I think it is a perfect stock to make a few $ on every week. I hop it hits the .80c range again, and hope that happens this Moday with the delay on the CC.

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