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  • snoop6712000 snoop6712000 Dec 19, 2011 9:34 AM Flag

    What other stocks do you like besides nnbr?

    I would be interested in hearing which other stocks people that like NNBR are buying. My current buys are: SEH, CHMT, CBT, FOE, OLN, STM, ACI. I like buying out of favor companies. What looks good to you?

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    • Hi Snoop;
      I just read your message today.
      I like the same kind of stocks as you do.
      NNBR was my favorite pick coming into the new year. I got in at 5.53.
      I also bought FOE and STM.
      Others I like are KEM, OMX, DANG,XNY, BAC, ALU, PWER and about 6 or seven Chinese Solar plays.

    • Tight,

      Thanks for the info, I shoot Black Powder as a recreation with a sportsmans club, but only as an activity.


      My holding that has the most promise to the upside is MNTA, I am in at 13PPS and have held/added since last March. It is spec, but this spec has earnings or $4.38 and PPE under 4. Sounds strange for a spec?? I don't think this stock will be around this time next year.
      If it is I will either have exited with break even, or, cashed out big. It's all about patents and ANDA approval for Copaxene generic. TEVA gets 30% of their income from this drug. MNTA has already done it once and I strongly feel they have done it again. Can find out as soon as one second from now to not to far down the road.

      Kind regards and good luck


    • tightlinesnfreshtracks tightlinesnfreshtracks Dec 21, 2011 12:42 PM Flag

      Check that...The Smith and Wesson Governor!!! It is the Taurus Judge who was first to market and there competition, but it is Brazilian Company. Lots of gun folks like American like the auto industry. My brain and typing got transposed...

    • tightlinesnfreshtracks tightlinesnfreshtracks Dec 21, 2011 12:39 PM Flag

      SWHC has the new "JUDGE" that is selling like hotcakes...Shot one a couple months ago. SWHC pistol brand was worth alot more than 2.75. Stock was destroyed from horrible security acquisitions that it is shedding and working through.

      SWHC Management is highly suspect and still there? Pistol Brand is great!

      WEN not a raging bull nor do I have enormous conviction. More defensive, undervalued sub $4.80. Holding a long position from 09 in 3s and been trading a position making about 10% on the chop. America is addicted to fast food recession, no recession, etc. Obviously MCD is the juggarnaut there, but room for #2. Arbys is gone. Moving back to OHIO to get back to there roots. Obviously domestic stores need make-over, which is in process and international growth is untaped?

      Like buying TAP sub $40 all day long. 3.2% at that point and have been trading it too.

      Like I said I have lightened up on the market, gotten a little defensive less speculative, less high betas. I see to many headwinds, but there are always opportunities somewhere. Not a bearish yet. But not a raging bull.

      Like NNBR cause I think we get a return of capital at somepoint next year as well as stock price appreciation. Nice to see interest expense continuing to go south. This management team is first class and nows how to grind out money from a BALL business.

      SNV has my spec bank money as they are paying me to wait and should be real close to turning the corner. That said, I dont know if there is much upside in banking over the next few years. So a long slow trudge North. But, getting paid to be patient.

      Merry Christmas Guys! I am about to check out and go be with my wife, family, and got my first baby daughter coming in March! Looking forward to 2012~!

    • Hi tight

      I rode Smith and Wesson once and did quite well, don't know how many times they can resurrect themshelves.

      I am interesting to hearing your take on WEN, I had interest thinking they have a great FF and is my peferred one to visit for that sort of food. But think they have a long road to hoe to get EPS where it needs to be. With Arby's gone maybe things will be better.

      Certainly cheap enough to buy a few shares.


    • No Snoop. thank you,

      In 2007-2008 I bought ASH, FOE and DOW and made a killing. All three were on my watch list for future purchase. I rebought DOW few months back but FOE fell off the list. Thank you for your post. 13% in one day is a nice start.

      Hope I can return the favor some day

    • DOW, slowly building position BAC

17.41Sep 26 4:00 PMEDT