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  • good4a5dollarpop good4a5dollarpop Apr 30, 2003 11:35 AM Flag

    The market knows more than us

    The only reason ANYBODY posts on these boards is if they have a vested interest in a stock. Obviously, some of us are long the stock and want it to go higher while others are short and want to talk it down. But the bottom line is it doesn't make any difference what we way here, no matter how well researched or articulated our posts may be. At most we're influencing a handful of people, while the hedge funds (the people who are REALLY inside INOC) ignore the message boards and continue to accumulate the stock.

    Right now we need to listen to what the market is saying about INOC. If you've been watching it over the past couple of months, the message is inescapable. We needn't waste our time posting high falutin' analysis that practically no one reads or cares about. Just monitor the price and volume action and heed the message of the market. In the long run, it won't be wrong.

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