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  • dollfan28 dollfan28 Dec 25, 2007 1:04 PM Flag

    nothing wrong with a little Holiday encouragement from a VCSY Long


    By: let-it-rideca
    25 Dec 2007, 12:35 AM EST
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    Greetings Everyone:

    I saw the F.O. Light...and it's for real!! Keep the faith TRUE VCSY LONGS! The BEST IS TO COME IN 2008.

    Have a Woodridge on me at the Vegas Party!

    Happy Holidays RR and everyone else.


    By: let-it-rideca
    25 Dec 2007, 12:35 PM EST
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    I was passing thru an area where things are proto-typed for use in the DoD field and saw something that was described to me as a NEW delivery system for FO enhancement, that included a NEW amplification process...that uses LAZERS that DO NOT need power to operate, as sometimes in the field... power might only be available by starlight. (night-vision)

    I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday! Please remember those who have been there before us, and who are currently in harms way over this holiday season, and when you see a Marine, Army, Navy, and Air-Force woman or man in uniform, Just say thank you!

    As I fade back into the dark, I will not be able to elaborate on my post any further! As I should not have done so now, but I felt compelled to pass along this piece of info to the TRUE VCSY Investor. I could be wrong about my observation, but I don't think so!

    "De Oppresso Liber"

    Keep the Faith VC$Y LONGS!! Our time is almost here$$$$$$$

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    • this might actually be more in keeeping with vcsy's patent...

      polarized fiberoptic spliter and...

      • 1 Reply to neoware03
      • kcurtis writes
        "The AP (via has a story about how MIT scientists have detailed a breakthrough in optics that could lead to cheaper, more efficient optical communications. From the story: 'Like polarizing sunglasses that block light waves oriented in different directions, the MIT researchers created a clever device that splits the light beams as they pass through a circuit. The device then rotates one of the polarized beams, before both beams are rejoined on their way out of the circuit, retaining the signals' strength. But it's not just that device that the researchers are touting. They're also trumpeting the innovative method they devised to integrate the optical circuitry with electronic circuitry on the same silicon chip.'"that would be really good.

    • Oh man, give me a break. That is such a cheesy post. This is like the guy who has a friend working at MS and this friend says these type of cases settle fast. LOL

    • Our resident "optical" guy has spent so much time and energy pooh poohing what modern advancements in light, sound and fiber technology have occurred since he retired from the field that he HAS to say the things we're showing don't exist.

      Don't expect a whole lot out of easy_money because he has to say he's right or there's no reason for him to post anymore and he'll have to go help the wife plant petunias.

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