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  • kalafella kalafella Oct 23, 2008 2:28 PM Flag

    No mention of VCSY in MSFT filing...., and this POS goes back to 1 cent, or worse, imo.

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    • And you always seem to have your tag team in to run interference for your own posters.

      Meanfelix made a claim about me he can't support (typical for that burredbrain). Why can't he speak for himself?

    • Agreed. American industry is going to be transformed.

    • neo - I agree with everything you are saying. In fact, this is one of the few times you've actually filled in your sentences and made them understood clearly. But, wait a minute ... did you have a question other than the IA/True Baseline??

    • forgot: also, perhaps the tech change is also the reason proctor and gamble re-upped with msft after the msft vp came up to parlay with private information.

    • wait a minute, portuno. you have described why and how msft has infringed on vcsy in their various database and on line products.msft settled with vcsy for those issues. those same products grew 15% in the quarter in this market environment. If part of the license/agreement payout is based on how this new tech pans out, this was a very up day for vcsy fortunes.

      i've got my suspicions about the new arista switch it possible they're using neoware netos to run the box and other os to run the app. might they also be using decoupled data x the framework?

      also, on a positive note is 1) the front page of the wsj. there are two items on the left side headlines which would seem to me to be vcsy/tpf stories. 2) a15 story on smart grid and need for seamless communications...isn't that what the IA and truebaseline were designed for? also, areva in deal for usa nuclear plants-- 3)soc# and names don't match--fire.

      with regard to current market: there needed to be a new valuation of equities based on their technology status/IP vcsy or the old.
      jobs by the nature of the tech changes would also be lost. old habits and ways need to be changed. you get used to uncovered shorting and now there's a way to monitor and regulate and punish.checking the price of airlines tickets and booking them is as intense asverifying mortgage qualifications. Too tough? well , now a computer desktop or smartphone can do it with the help of appropriate server support. Unfortunate, but it's what happens.

    • Yeah, mean. Show us all where I said VCSY would be mentioned in MSFT's 10Q. I would also like to see that like ynella.

      It's easy to slam people when all you can do is say it and run away. So, now you'll disappear without showing anyone the proof and then you'll come back later to speak some other lie that suits your agenda.

      Let's see the words. Now. Or stfu, little man.

    • I don't recall any such speculation from Port. Post a link and I will eat my words. Yummy. I think the speculation was that some information regarding MSFT future plans (ie. cloud computing) might be in the 10Q and might hint at a VCSY link. This was put forth to explain the spike in the PPS. But, it was all highly unlikely IMO given the confidentiality agreement. Next step is the PDC on the 27th - 30th. A much greater possibility of something to infer coming from this event. I doubt a direct reference, however. Confidentiality agreement again. VCSY 10Q is best chance at information about the MSFT settlement (if any), ongoing royalties from MSFT (if any), other legal actions (if any), etc. Who knows? It may generate more questions than answers (if any). The beat goes on. Y.

    • What do you mean no serious posters expected it to be in MSFT's 10Q? Are you saying Portuno isn't a serious poster? The speculation about a hint in the MSFT filing has been hyped here for a couple weeks.

    • have been saying all along that microsoft got this technology for FREE...If you are so adament on it being FREE how could you be so dumb to even question whether VCSY would be mentioned in the report? It has to be a material event and I've heard that number to be 5% which equals roughly $880 million dollars. That's what happens when you lie so can't remember what lies you have told and end up sticking your foot in your mouth.

      Like the others have said...go pick another stock to be a genius on!

    • Why would Microsoft have this in their filing? There's no way the settlement was big enough to be a material event. That said, I bought into this because of what we'll see in VCSY's filing. That will tell the story.

      As you know, I was more skeptical about this stock than almost anyone on this board. Two things got me to buy: First, a very wealthy person I know who never....and I mean NEVER.... invests in stock bought into this company. He told me not to miss this opportunity. Second, the story is way too compelling to ignore. I know that Cloud Computing is the next big thing in the industry and it's a money saver. There's no better time for companies to be looking at ways to save money. Cloud Computing is a slam dunk and by all appearances (eg, the Microsoft settlement), VCSY is an important piece that is required and can't be ignored....

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