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  • normnowak normnowak Jul 1, 2009 10:28 AM Flag

    Amber Hatfield Rovner...

    saw that Amber Hatfield Rovner spoke at the Metro. corp. counsel back in 2006....her specialty was "how to prepare and conduct Markman Hearing"....How often is an EXPERT on preparing for the markman called in to NOT go to the markman hearing ???

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    • I'm pretty sure he's not here to be a soothsayer on concepts. One would have to assume that he would like to make $ at some point and must have some prediction as to when this will all unfold, right?

    • proof is in the stock value. keep stroking

    • Are you kidding intheend? Portuno will never commit to any timeframe. He's been wrong for 10 years, so what makes you think he'll ever be right? He can't tell you what's going to happen when, or whether anything will even happen. He's full of hot air, hype, and hope. That's all.

      Lately he's been hyping "vsoefv" but he knows that diversion won't last forever. The one-year mark on the MSFT settlement is approaching fast...July 25. Either MSFT has to pay up again, or there was nothing in the settlement that included any recurring license fees or royalties. Surely a year is long enough to calculate royalties for the past year.

      The vcsy Q3 filing will show whether Portuno is a "genius" or a total fraud. I predict it will be the latter.

    • No matter what the industry did over the past decade you would have said you were "right" about it. You fit your fantasy to reality when it's known.

      The fact is, after 10 years this is still a 2 cent stock. The company is still not growing. The industry hasn't made one teeny mention about VCSY and it's "disruptive" patent.

      I predict that by November you will have made up a dozen more excuses as to why no more MSFT revenue has shown up in the VCSY filings. You've been predicting the same old bullshit for years. At your age you MIGHT live to see the end of it, whichever way it goes.

      You're a fraud and a liar. That is a fact.

    • At what point will these concepts become reality for this company and stock valuation? You must have some prediction.

    • I've been right about you buying VCSY stock.

      I've also been right about the concepts in the VCSY intellectual properties becoming the way the software industry will break out of the proprietary bottlenecks of the past.

      It's a shame you and your goon buddies can't discuss that sort of thing. Perhaps you might have something relevant to say. Instead, you're nothing more than a rock throwing hoodlum.

    • Your inability to discuss the arbitrary objects concept shows just how pathetic your technological understanding is... but those who've read your drivel know you've been trying to pass yourself off as an "expert" for years with no credibility.

    • You mean the "Emily" as in the patent application that has been rejected by the USPTO about SEVEN times so far? LOL!!

      You have been right about NOTHING.


    • surrrrrrrrrrrrrre.

    • Being able to recognize the import and potential of Emily in 2000 makes me a hell of a lot smarter than you.

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