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  • al_coholic2013 al_coholic2013 Nov 2, 2013 1:19 AM Flag

    Who in the heck is that idiot melt downs posting to?

    seems like that dullard is just posting to himself & telling himself lies because the doofus likes seeing his words on the internets. his posts are as interesting as the pumper dullard poortuna's factless posts.

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    • al_coholic2013: "... idiot melt downs ... dullard ... telling ... lies ... doofus ..."

      Hey look, readers, the longtime pathologically dishonest vcsy-bashing career con-artist "al_coholic" (aka Al) just crawled out from under his rock! ... and appears to have had one too many drinks ... (as usual) ...

      Welcome back, technologically clueless vcsy-bashing career con-artist Al !

      Actually, Clueless Al, I always use irrefutable facts to solidly back up and support all my posts. But dishonest vcsy-basher Al, if you actually believe that one of the irrefutable facts I told is somehow a supposed "lie" (as you foolishly and dishonestly claim), then please feel free to go ahead and tell all the readers specifically which one of the irrefutable facts I told is somehow a supposed "lie". Go ahead, Clueless Al ... the floor is yours (after you cluelessly respond, I'll mop up that very same floor using you as the mop).

      For the past 14 years, the technologically clueless Al has been dishonestly and wrongly calling VCSY a "P-Of-S" company, with "chrappy" patents, that will soon go "bankrupt." But it's now 14 years later and VCSY is still vigorously conducting business, thus proving that Clueless Al and his fellow equally clueless vcsy-bashers have been woefully and embarrassingly wrong about VCSY.

      Therefore, Clueless "Alcoholic" Al, it's great that you just crawled out from under your rock because, by recently settling with VCSY, LG Electronics is now formally telling you that you've been Absolutely Wrong about Absolutely Everything regarding VCSY for the past 14 years.

      Good to know.

      Patience is a Virtue.

    • are you the same loser who predicted bankruptcy about 5 years ago?

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