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  • jdolby32 jdolby32 Feb 22, 2010 8:46 PM Flag

    DNDN vs. RNN - is it fair to compare?

    Pride - DNDN has never been approved by the FDA, but there day is coming May 1st of this year. If you look at the chart from last year you will see that DNDN began to move higher starting around April first. It proceeded to move up on continued speculation of good clinical study results which provided validation that Provenge did actually increase the length of a prostate cancer patients life. I was in the stock at the time and watched it hover in the $5-$7 range for many months. There were vicious attacks against this company from all sides trying to discredit their findings - but in the end DNDN has prevailed and should be granted full FDA clearance to market their drug. DNDN also has a breast cancer vaccine in their pipeline as well.

    RNN's game changing mood disorder drug Serdaxin should have some top line results being released soon.

    RNN's unique cancer drug Archexin, has received "Orphan Drug Status" from the FDA already. This compound could easily be given fast-track clearance for its results against pancreatic cancer, as well as its effects on other hard tumor cancers.

    RNN's unique sexual dysfunction drug Zoraxel, will most likely lag the other two in priority, but has huge potential because of its unique attributes of not only (A) solving erectile issues, but (B) increasing a persons desire to have sex and (C) release - unlike Viagra or other SD drugs which only address blood flow, i.e., erection. And roughly 50% of Viagra users are not successful with the drug.

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    • Wow, I had no idea DNDN didn't get a drug approved, I just looked at the chart an assumed. Considering what DNDN did, the potential for RNN is great. Still a speculative investment, RNN has many factors that reduce the risk - 3 drugs most imporantly. 3 opportunities for approval. Thanks for informing me on DNDN - that must have been sweet to own it then! Hopefully the same goes for RNN, I got in at 1.16, modest 1500 shares. Still can make a big impact on my small account hopefully. Good luck all!

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      • Well just think if RNN went to the same price DNDN is right now your 1500 shares would be worth $45,000. From what I've read and researched about share ownership, this stock has a small float. Their partnering with Teva Pharma on RX-3117 gives them added credibility and could lead to million's of dollars in milestone payments this year. I wish you well in your investing future - and IMO, I would hang onto this stock for 2010.

    • Good stuff jdolby (-:

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