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  • Just got off the phone with Rick and he confirmed Archexin for FDA review on Phase 2 Feb. 14. 240-268-5300

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Well then, here is the scenario(s) I predict will happen if that is the case. When Phase 2 results are officially released, they will probably be presented in a positive, optimistic light. In other words, 'promising' but not necessarily conclusive enough to avoid drawing negative analysis and commentary from others outside of RNN. We're talking about that nice comfortable 'gray' area of speculation and debate. RNN is good at trying to put lipstick on a pig.
      That will be the next catalyst, probably, to move this stock. Nevertheless, RNN has had many catalysts move it over the last 3 years. Be careful, the market has gotten wise to this stock over time. Too many baggies have been formed and burned. There will be a suckers rally as Phase 2 results approach. There is, of course, the possiblility shareholders could hit the jackpot and RNN actually delivers stellar results, and even Phase 2 results have been known to lead to a BO of a company. Pancreatic cancer is the hardest cancer to treat. It all depends on what the Market considers a success. How many of you are excited and optimistic that Serdaxin will be on the market treating MDD and Zoraxel treating ED some day? Those 'lead candidates' have fallen by the wayside....and Archexin is dealing with nothing less than pancreatic cancer. That's kind of like saying that even if RNN loses on the Little League level, they will still win the World Series in MLB. Better your money than mine betting on that one.
      Another scenario is the Market could clearly and accurately see that the trial and/or the data are flawed. What does RNN have to offer then? Phase 3? Other compounds years away from defining themselves?

      No matter what, this stock will be manipulated by penny stock newsletter advisors and their cult children as well as everyone else. If you're given a gift, take it. People in this stock that have not studied and become acquainted with the history and patterns of RNN will probably get burned.

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