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  • anarft1 anarft1 Jan 13, 2014 9:39 PM Flag

    I am very confident stock wont tank tomorrow

    stock currently has uptrend momentum, look for range between 1.52-1.72 tomorrow and sideways trading in the next 5-6 days, and then huge leg up past above $3 to $3.68. seems like historical pattern is about to repeat itself. don't be fooled by some amateurs who are bs on this board based on AH trading. 1 million volume and stock dips 10%, and we keep forgetting over 200% run up with 100+ million volume. stay long and ignore pumpers and bashers. no dilution is at stake, not t this price levels. GL

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    • FWIW, Investor's Business Daily (IBD) has RNN with an overall ranking of 78 out of 100, and A+ accumulation rating (institutional buying/selling over the last 13 weeks), and most tellingly, an up/down volume index of 8.2. 1.0 is bullish; I've seen one or two stocks (ICPT a couple of days ago) above 4. 8.2 is simply off the charts. 38 million shares traded Friday; just short of 78 million shares today. RNN only has 129 million for a float. Bottom line: the big boys REALLY like this stock, and that may play out in SF over the next four days. I'll defer speculation on the price to others, but double digits is certainly reasonable given the current appetite for biotecs. And one last OBTW: the bioteck group ( 279 stocks in that group) as of market close today is now ranked #1 of 197 IBD industry groups.

      Methinks I'll hold for a while and let the market take its course. The day traders and after market trading seem mere decimal dust.

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    • I am basing my judgment on historical pattern, and i was confident today highs would be 1.8s and close and 1.6 it was confirmation for me to keep my position and add it and let it run above 3$. just be a little patient and ignore the noise. bashers will bash because they missed the boat and they are trying to "outsmart" market by shorting this stock thinking it is a new high. nonsense.

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