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  • clarrjk clarrjk Apr 29, 2011 1:35 PM Flag


    Why does most of their earnings occur in the fourth quarter?

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    • Agree, I could not believe the order executed so favorably. Maybe the west coast was still sleeping.

      I was especially pleased to hear on the call how well their evaluation program is working out with the Blu Us. Great idea to give the docs a no risk way to try the products. The 90% conversion to sale rate after the eval period was particularly noteworthy and is a testament to the PDT business model.

    • <<< I place an order to buy at open at market and added to my position at 4.57. >>>

      If only it was always this easy!<G>

      The Roth analyst was calling for 2011 EPS of 20 cents on revenues of $44.0M and 2012 EPS of 40 cents on revenues of $54.6M. Clearly he will be raising these numbers. The non-GAAP 7 cent Q1 was second only to the great 12 cent 4Q10! As some on the call commented, this makes Q1 very impressive since unlike Q4, it is neither as seasonally strong nor boosted by the new year price increase. Impressive indeed!<G>

      We know the new additions to the salesforce will be getting up to speed this year, placements of BLU-U's remain encouraging, and more doctors are using more Kerasticks. This should fuel growth and it looks to me that 2011 EPS could be closer to the 40 cents than the 20 cents. Could 50 cents be possible in 2012, even with the clinical trial initiation?

      Given its very strong growth, what PE should this stock trade at, excluding its growing stash of cash? My $6 to $8 1Q12 and $10 4Q12 target prices may prove to be too low.

    • Thanks Ricon. I place an order to buy at open at market and added to my position at 4.57.

    • Ignore the impact of the warrants and focus on the non-GAAP results, dermscience. Q1 was another great quarter of growth. The cash is piling up. The analyst will be raising 2011 & 2012 estimates. I think the stock is cheap, despite its run up. Let's see what they have to say on the call.

    • Warrants issue caused Gaap earnings loss in my opinion.There was more free cash flow and also margins were terrific.The drop in the PPS seems to be overdone in my opinion and the institution really caused the problem with their selling.What do you guys think?Adamo

    • I think Q1 will be good, but subsequent quarterly earnings will be impacted by Phase 2 study (increased R&D) and to a lesser extent by hiring of additional salespeople (SG&A expense). Short term negative but hopefully long term positive.

    • >>Why does most of their earnings occur in the fourth quarter?<<

      Kerasticks are very popular stocking stuffers!

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      • <<< Kerasticks are very popular stocking stuffers! >>>

        I got 2 last year!<G>

        Are you looking to re-enter at some price or are you out for now? The lower it goes in this correction, the better it looks, if only for a trade.

        FYI - I voted my shares the same as last year. I think a few more changes to the board would be a good thing.

      • After waiting years for the earnings and watching the pps in the toilet,we finally moved up to around 6 bucks and then the insitutional selling began and since then we have lost almost 20% of our value which in my opinion is an awful lot.It looks everyday that the volume continues to climb and to the downside.I must admit I bought at 5.65 again and this in my opinion may have been an error.Things just do not look good to me this pullback is way too much.Adamo